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Canadian Land Rover Dormobile
This 1967 Land Rover Dormobile is owned by David & Anne Menard of Alberta Canada.
She belonged to Anne's father for many many years and under went a lot of work.  The frame is from a 1 ton military truck, and the motor presently nestled under the hood is a Chevy 6 cyl.  She has an overdrive and it's no problem at all to do 65-70mph.  Her history is a bit sketchy except that it has been across a desert in Africa.  The canvas in the dorm was changed some time ago and is now vinyl product.


Land Rover Dormobile at sunset
Home is where the roof is popped
Another picture of David & Anne Menard's 1967 Land Rover Dormobile.


1966 Land Rover Dormobile
This 1966 Land Rover Dormobile, "Madelyne", is owned by Carey Huffman.  When I first meant this Dormobile it was in a building stripped down to a rolling frame.  Nick Baggerly had just purchased it in Stockton california for a friend of his.  I was part of a frame sanding, repainting and body reassembling party to get the Land Rover Dormobile reassembled enough to move to Nick's home in Los Gatos Ca. By September, Madelyne was reassembled enough that it made the trip to the Portland Oregon All British Field meet on Labour Day weekend.  The last time I saw this Dormobile was convoying home with it in The Green Rover.


Series III Land ROver Dormobile
This lovely Series III Land Rover Dormobile is owned by Hema Ratnayake.  He purchased it off ebay in 2006 from a seller in Australia then shipped it to its new home in Southern California.   This picture was taken by Randy Rose during the 2006-2007 mendo recc new years annual Mojave trail trip.  its always great to see a Land Rover Dormobile being used as intended!

2007 Land Rover Dormobile rescue 

Derilect Land Rover Dormobile
Mick (jabbawocky) found this Land Rover Dormobile which has been sitting near Market Downham, Norfolk, UK for 14 years.

Moved Land Rover Dormobile

The 6 cyl. 1970 Series IIA Land Rover Dormobile, now known as "Barney" was pulled out of the bush where it could be loaded.

"Barney" being loaded on the trailer for its trip back to Silsden, Yorkshire where it will be rebuilt and returned to Dormobile service.  Initial inspection showed a lot of frame rot at front and back plus previous owner cuts into the rear tub.  The bulkhead is reported to be repairable.

A new beginning for an old warrior.


restored Dormobile

Rescued - brought back to life - Living the life she was born to live
Mick is writing new chapters in a Dormobile's saga.

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