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Land Rover Dormobile used for ads
This is the Series II that was used to illustrate all the early Land Rover Dormobile brochures and advertisements.  Its interior furnishings are just a little different in many of the details than later Dormobiles.  Could this be the first Land Rover Dormobile conversion?


Below are two pictures of a 3 door Land Rover Dormobile just after rescue and prior to initial cleanup
3 door Land Rover Dormobile
This one came with the Land Rover factory optional sun visor, and front fuel can mounts.  It appears that there just might also be a capstan winch underneath the straw.

Dirty Land Rover Dormobile
It obviously was fitted with a lifting top, presumably with top bunks and the Martin Walter roof rack. I have no idea what interior fittings this Dormobile may have been fitted with.

Land Rover Dormobiles in Billing
Eight Land Rover Dormobiles line up at the 1996 Billing Land Rover meet

2 door dormobile
This is a picture from a Land Rover sales brochure titled "Land-Rover in Action" showing a 2 door with tail gate Land Rover Dormobile, labeled as a "mobile workshop".  The brochure is undated but contains mostly pictures of early Series II and some Series I Land Rovers.

Land Rover Dormobile in Germany
1964 Land Rover Dormobile that Stefan Reucher purchased in England currently resides in Germany


Burned Land Rover Dormobile
The stelzenmueller's owned this Dormobile for several years.  Soon after they sold it the Dormobile burned in a propane fire. Propane tanks in any caravan should be kept closed except while in use and it never hurts to inspect the rubber propane hoses on an annual basis.

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