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The model 625  two berth Land Rover Dormobiles did not have a standard interior furniture kit like the more common 626 four berth version.

The Land Rover regular that the 625 version is based upon has a bulkhead behind the row of seats and taller side benches than the 5 door station wagon Land Rover.  Some 625 Dormobiles were delivered fitted only with the lifting roof and the two top bunks, such as the one that Land Rover lent to Barbara Toy for her travels in 1960. 625 versions had custom interiors and I have yet to see two that look the same.

This Dormobile is a Series III Land Rover with a Defender bonnet and radiator bulkhead. It was listed on Ebay.UK as a 1972 model.  The top has been 'recanvased' with material that was available in the early to mid 1990's. The interior appears tobe original mostly.   I suspect the refrigerator is a later add on and the side seats have been reupholstered and one side shortened to provide space for the fridge.

1972 Land Rover Dormobile 625 Dormobile interior
Land Rover Dormobile interior seat Dormobile cooker cabinet
Dormobile cooker Side window



The Dormobile pictured below belongs to Jason and Kellie in the UK.  It consists of a late Dormobile kit transferred from a rotting Land Rover to a good condition 1980 Series III stationwagon. A 200tdi engine makes this Land Rover Dormobile an economical to drive motor caravan.

1980 Land Rover Dormobile

refinished Land Rover Dormobile interior
Late Land Rover Dormobiles came with a bottom hinged door on the spice cabinet.  Also of interest are the recessed handles in the cooker/sink cabinet.  Storage space is always problem in Land Rover Dormobiles.  Notice this solution for storing sleeping bags in a cover hung at the base of the roof.  It's as neat a solution as I've ever seen.




The origins of Jeremy's Land Rover Dormobile is unknown.  The Dormobile Jeremy bought started out as a RHD 6 cylinder 109 station wagon.  It was originally registered as a "utility vehicle".  In 1989 the registration papers were changed from six cylinders to four cylinders and the "Caravan" vehicle designation first appeared.  The vehicle was sold to someone in Germany in the mid 2000's and in 2008 sold to Jeremy in Switzerland.  The vehicle was badly rusted when Jeremy purchased it.  The heavy rust made it prohibitively expensive to restore so the Dormobile kit was moved to yet another Land Rover stationwagon.  This time a 1970 Series IIA, LHD, with six cylinder engine. The Martin Walter commission plate says the kit was made in 1969 so it is only a year off from factory fresh.  The original chassis number and provenance of the 1969 dormobile is unknown.  But the important thing is that the kit still lives on in a functional Dormobile and is taking a family out on trips.  Still fulfilling its function.

Swiss Dormobile

The truck as it appeared when Jeremy purchased it.

Dormobile stove
Jeremy's lovely 3 year old daughter has found the Dormobile cooker to be the perfect size and can't wait to go out camping with her dad





D110 Dormobile
1987 D110 Land Rover Dormobile conversion that went through Ebay Canada near the end of December 2008.  This truck has a 3.5L V8, a Dormobile lifting roof and top bunks.  It does not appear to have any Dormobile furniture.


Defender D110 Land Rover Dormobile


Land Rover Dormobile in Southern California
Hema and Janakie Ratnayake's 1973 six cylinder Land Rover Dormobile just may have the largest roof rack ever mounted to
a Dormobile. Hema and Janakie enjoying the Southern California desert.


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