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The type 625 (3 door) Dormobiles never came with a standard interior like the 262 (5 door) Dormobiles. many were ordered with no interior, just the pop up roof and roof bunks. Barbara Toy's 1960 Land Rover Dormobile for instance only came with the pop up roof and top bunks. Each 625 Dormobile is unique and there are several examples of the custom interiors in these Dormobile pictures. Amanda's 1964 Land Rover Dormobile, pictured below shows some interesting and ingenious features built into her Land Rover Dormobile which is well set up for 2 people.

Model 625 Land ROver Dormobile


Amanda's 625 Land ROver Dormobile set up for meals
The rear interior is set up with cabinets along both sides with seating cushions on top. Th kitchen, indoor Loo and storage are all tucked away in the cabinets. A tall refrigerator is at the front middle against the seat bulkhead. Here the table is set up for dining.

The long storage box on the right side, just behind behind the driver's seat, holds 2 chairs, a folding table, clothing, bedding and extra blankets. Dry food, pots and pans are on the left side, just behind the passenger seat. When the vehicle is ready to travel everything is packed inside with nothing loose or visible.


The Dormobile Loo
The indoor Loo (toilet) is in the right rear. There is a Webasto heater mounted inside alongside the toilet.


625 Dormobile cooking facilities
The kitchen is at the right rear which is exposed when the seat lids are lifted. The sink gets water from a hand pump. The stainless steel cooker has two burners and a broiler, which is a standard Dormobile configuration.


625 Land ROver Dormobile kitchen
Another view of the kitchen


Dormobile top bunk
And of course there are the standard Land Rover Dormobile top bunks for sleeping. If they feel the wind is too strong to erect the top they can sleep on the lower side benches.



John Bishop has a different layout in his 2005 D110 type 625 Dormobile.

Land Rover Defender D110 Dormobile
John Bishop's Dormobile in France, 2016.


Dormobile Ltd seat/bed
This Dormobile has kitchen and storage on one side and a facing couch that converts to a bed on the other


Dormobile Ltd Convertable bedfor a D110
The couch converted to a bed. This unit is sold by Dormobile Ltd. specifically for 3 door Defender D110 Dormobile conversions. While a modern conversion to a Dormobile is expensive, it is relatively way less expensive than purchasing a Dormobile new in the 1960s when a new Dormobile was almost twice the price of the same vehicle with the conversion.


Converta bed base for Land Rover Dormobile D110
The base of the convertible bed is a row of stainless steel storage cabinets. There is a Webstro heater inthe far cabinet losest to the front seats.


Land Rover Dormobile D110 kitchen side
The left side of the interior is still in progress. It is the kitchen and storage side.


D110 Dormobile water pump
The water pump for the sink is mounted in the storage compartment directly below the sink


D110 Dormobile stove
The cooker unit has two burners and a broiler. The Broiler are is being used for storage until the door is installed to lock in more storage space.


D110 Dormobile cooking gas storage
Cooking gas is stored in this external compartment that fits under the vehicle's left side bench.


D110 Dormobile top storage
There is a row of storage cabinets mounted just above the side windows on the kitchen side. You can see one of the stowed upper bunks just above the cabinets. There is a tube light mounted under the centre cabinet to illuminate the kitchen area.


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