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The Land Rover Dormobile just may be, vehicle for vehicle, the farthest traveled model of Land Rover.  A large number of Land Rover Dormobiles have been on significant long distance trips. A significant number of these have even traveled around the world.  Sadly most of these adventures took place when the Land Rover Dormobiles were new and many of these long distance veterans have traveled little since then. 

At the close of the 20th century Nick Baggarly set about reviving the tradition with his two Dormobiles, "Alaska" and "Hercules" joining the select Land Rover Dormobile around the world club.   This page is dedicated to the 1999 additions to the Land Rover Dormobiles around the world club.  Good going Nick!

"Alaska" and "Hercules" Around the World veterans:

Land Rover Dormobile snow
This is Nick's favourite picture of "Alaska".

Land Rover Dormobile Alaska
"Alaska" is a 1962 Land Rover Dormobile that lived in Alaska before Nick purchased it.  It still had Alaska state plates on it when he brought it home.  "Alaska" is Nick's first Dormobile and one of his favourite Land Rovers.

sde Land Rover Dormobiles
"The Green Rover" and "Alaska" traveling together in the desert.

2 Land Rover Dormobile
"Hercules" (left) and "Alaska" (right) pose for a late afternoon picture. These Dormobiles were set up to travel as a team with "Hercules" as the kitchen and "Alaska" as the primary bedroom.

Land Rover Dormobile Nepal
"Hercules" getting hitched up for a tow in Nepal. "Hercules" is a 1970 109 station wagon that had received a Dormobile lifting roof, top bunks and a custom interior before Nick purchased it. Nick sold "Hercules" in 2004.

Land Rover Dormobile Mongolia
"Hercules" trailing behind "Alaska" along a dirt road in Inner Mongolia

Land Rover Dormobile in Majove
"Alaska", "The Green Rover" and 2 other 109's flanking the famous rock cairn on the Mojave trail.  Each rock in the cairn was brought by a traveler and placed around the famous marker plate.  4 more rocks were placed there that day.

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