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626 Land Rover seats and bunks

Land Rover Dormobile interior
Click drawing above for a larger readable version

The upholstery for 1967 and older Land Rover Dormobile seats are gray (standard Land Rover Rhino hide pattern) with white piping.  1968 and newer Land Rover Dormobiles came standard with black seats as did 1969 and newer Land Rovers.

Below - standard pre-1969 Land Rover Dormobile 626 style seats

Dormie interior, seats flat.
Top: Rear seats apart to make 2 single beds
Below: Rear seats together to make double bed

People who use the lower berth frequently usually have a pad that goes over the seats to smooth out the gaps and slightly uneven surfaces. I understand it makes a big difference in comfort.

The newly installed seats of David Porter's restored 1966 Land Rover Dormobile being inspected by the bed quality assurance auditor

David's newly refinished seats in their upright position.



1974 Land Rover Dormobile lower beds
1974 Land Rover Dormobile twin lower bunks

These black upholstered seats only fold into twin beds.  Both right and left front seats are the same width and a cubby box is located between the two seats. Note the upper berth cots at the top of the image are in their stowed positions with the dust covers in place around the cot fabric.


Rear Seats:

See the Land Rover Dormobile instruction manual for seat adjustment instructions. There are 4 bolts holding the front seat assembly. Undo all the 4 bolts if you want to access the under seat storage space. Leave the 2 outer bolts tight and release the 2 inner bolts and the seat rocks and rolls into the reversed front seat position.

The right hand rear seat in normal position
Rear seat in normal upright position

Seat folded up
The rear seats can be folded flat against the side walls to provide additional interior storage space forward of the cabinets


Seat folded down for sleeping
Rear seat in flat bed position


Inside the seats:

This is a posting from Jeremy Hackney

I restored my front 2 seats so far and used Exmoor Trim Dormobile covers. mine had been re-covered in the past, but otherwise i think they were original and unmessed with because i found a paper "Martin Walter Ltd." label inside the driver's seat cushion. the seats had the box-spring, then burlap, then foam rubber (i think 5/8"?) which was crimped at the 4 corners of the box-spring with a thick wire staple. the seat bases had cotton batting in a thin layer over the foam; on the seat backs this batting was only on the top corners, a little triangle diagonally across each corner, then the seat cover. the passenger box-spring -- the seat-base you sit on, not the backrest -- was held to a certain thickness in the front by a series of twine strands that pre-tensioned the front springs of the cushion, just so it was uniform across the front, and has a slight taper toward the rear. the frames were entirely "antique white", not as dark as "limestone", including the seat base and backrest springs, except the box springs, which were unpainted. the same kind of staples (i think 4 per cushion) hold the box-springs to the frame. the angled/tapered corners of the seat base box-springs go toward the backrest. the coil springs on the corners of the box-springs are stuffed with animal hair (horse?). i oiled my box-springs with old engine oil when i re-assembled them to keep them from squeaking, binding, and breaking.



Here are two pictures of the Land Rover Dormobile table erected and the front seat reversed.  The top one shows the table in a right hand Drive Dormobile and the lower picture in a Right and drive.  The table erects on the side of the log front seat which is always the passenger side.  The table is made from 1/2 inch plywood, 20 X 29-3/8 inches with a 1-3/4 inch corner radius. It has a Formica top (some have Formica in the bottom as well). There is no edging.


RHD location on a late series IIA.  Note the curtains are not original.

Table mounted on a LHD Land Rover Dormobile.

Another view of an erected table in a LHD Land Rover Dormobile

1974 Land Rover Dormobile table
Table mounted in RHD Series III Land Rover Dormobile

Table for RHD seating

Underside of the RHD table with mounting leg and arms in their stowed positions. Note that the 4 screw on leg mounts at the table corners are not stock.  John Hess added them so that he could screw on legs and use the table as a stand along outside table as well as an inside table.


Table for LHD seating

Land Rover Dormobile table LHD


The table is stowed on the inside of the rear door.


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