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Optional Air conditioning

Martin Walter used an off the shelf air conditioning unit manufactured by Normalair.  This unit was designed specifically for Land Rovers.


Land ROver with air conditioner
The Mills family 1967 Land Rover Dormobile came with the Normalair air conditioner installed by Martin Walter.

The Normalair air conditioner is mounted to the bulkhead above the rear of the 4 cyl engine.   There is a cut out and bonnet molding at the rear of the bonnet as shown in the picture above for clearance.

Int the picture to the left you can see the top of the belt driven compressor.

The top of the air conditioning unit sits up against the scuttle vents. The Scuttle vents are permanently closed and the two air conditioning vents from the air conditioner are mounted through the scuttle vents as shown.  

The controls are a set of push buttons, Off, Low, Medium and High, located on a narrow auxillary panel.

PDF copy of the Normalair brochure

Optional Radio

Radiomobile radio

Land Rover Dormobile option 1546 was a fully transistorised radio. This is a two band Radiomobile radio model 970 that was installed by Martin Walter Ltd. into a Land Rover Dormobile.

Optional second heater

This heater was found in the center seat area of a 1966 Land Rover Dormobile.

Intake is the grilled top opening.  Air is forced from under the long front Dormatic seat, through the heater core into three air vents.

The sheet metal enclosure encloses a hot water heater core and a flat fan. Hot water is plumbed from the front radiator. Three air vents are built into the seat box.  One opens at the seatbox front to warm the driver's (left side) legs, the other two open at the rear of the seat box, aimed at the rear seat passanger leg area.

Original curtain fabrics

Early Dormobiles: Cotton "mushroom coloured" curtain fabric.

Late Dormobiles: Dynel fabric flame proof, fade resistant, soft pastel stripes (SIII) Silent Gliss hangers. Press studs on windscreen curtains to fit rake of windscreen and give more space.


This photo shows the curtain for the rear left door. At the top is the curved interior panel that extends from the plastic molding that covers where the roof was cut for the pop top down to the junction between the roof and side panel.

The aluminium curtain track is visible plus the plastic curtain hangers. If you use your imagination, you can see the cotton string that is loosely strung at the top of the curtain and is used to hang the curtain from the plastic hangers. Note that the plastic hangers are two piece. One piece slides in the aluminium track. This piece has an eye that sticks out. The second piece hooks into the eye and has a hook that hangs down that holds the curtain. It is shaped vaguely like a tall skinny "C". The top is rounded and hooks into the eye. The bottom is less rounded and holds the string that is strung at the top of the curtain.


Curtain rods

The aluminum curtain rods and plastic hangers were manufactured by Silent Gliss. Unfortunatly the product has been discontinued.  however, according to Ian Kelly "There's a company called Recmar ( that sells very similar tracks and fittings - and the sliders fit the Silent Gliss track. I believe also available from"


When the curtains are not in use they are bunched to the side of the window and secured by a cotton strap.  The curtain strap shown to the right is for the right rear curtains.

Dormobile curtain straps


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