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Yup, Martin Walter put badges on the inside and outside of Dormobiles. First, on the left, is the Martin Walter sticker on the left rear of John's 1968 RHD Dormobile. It is stuck on the paint above the backup lights, above the Land Rover station wagon plate.   Some Dormobiles seem to have this sticker and some do not.

Lebel on back of a Dormobile

This is a metal badge riveted to the rear of a RHD Series IIA Land Rover Dormobile. Year unknown.  The wording is the same as the sticker above.

This is believe to predate that stick on label above.

Inside the vehicle, Martin Walter put an ID plate with a serial number. Land Rovers with dual wiper motors had their ID plate mounted on the bulkhead inside the passenger side cubby box area.  Land Rovers with a single wiper motor had their ID plate mounted on the wiper motor cover plate.  The ID plate is centered in its mounting area and held in place with 1/8 inch pop rivets.

On a 1961 Land Rover Dormobile

This badge is on a 1961 Land Rover Dormobile and is most likely the first style used with Land Rover Dormobiles.  The change over to the next badge is believed to be summer or early fall 1962.

The stamped number appears to be a 'U' followed by the serial number without year and configuration designations.

1962 Land Rover Dormobiles
with earlier number system

The new style badge was implemented in 1962. Earlier 1962 models still used the earlier commission plate system of a 'U' followed by the serial number.

Found on 1962 through 1968 Land Rover Dormobiles

This style badge has been verified as correct on late 1962 through 1968 Land Rover Dormobiles. The ID sequence of late 1962 and 1963 Dormobiles were "U" followed by 626 or 625 to designate 4 bunk or 2 bunk layout, followed by the last digit of the year followed by a dot, then the serial number.

The serial number on later plates were serial #, dot, last digit of year made, dot, 626 or 625 to designate the bunk layout.

A 1964 five door Land Rover Dormobile was converted with just Dormatic seats.  No lifting top, no rear furniture. It's ID plate is a "U", serial number, dot, followed by the last digit of the year made. There was no 626 designation as it was a special.  Another Land Rover Dormobile converted to the same configuration was just stamped "special" on the ID plate.

blue badge
On a 1969 Land Rover Dormobile

This is the newer style Dormobile ID plate.  Best guess so far is that Martin Walter used it from 1969 through to the end of Series IIA production, 1971.

During the 1960's the year designation was the last digit of the year. During the 1970's the year designation was the last two year digits

On a 1974 Series III Land Rover Dormobile

Series III Land Rover Production started in the fall of 1971. Series III Land Rover Dormobiles had a plastic instrument panel  leaving no metal surfaces to pop rivet a metal badge to. Martin Walter switched to  a stick on label which they mounted on the centre inside bulkhead area below the instrument panel.

The ID number appears to read: 75024.74.626

On a 1972 Land Rover Dormobile Series IIA

This badge is on a 1972 Series IIA (6 cyl, RHD). It came from South Africa.

The ID number is: 58429.72.626

Dormobile wing badges

older style fender plate

This is the early style Dormobile nameplate.  This type was used on early and mid 1960's Dormobiles.

Mounting holes: The rear most hole is located 2 inches forward of the outer wing rear edge and 4 inches down from the top edge of the outer wing panel.  The front hole is 5-7/8 inches forward of the rear hole.

more recent (later 2a) fender badge

This later type nameplate came on late 1960's and the few 1970's Dormobiles.

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