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The standard 626 four birth Land Rover Dormobile configuration included a fold up jump seat on both the  cabinet and the optional refrigerator stand.

An Elsan chemical toilet was an extra cost option for those who wanted the added convenience of an on-board toilet. For a little more the purchaser could get three gallons of chemicals to go with it.  It is important to note that during the 1960's Elsan manufactured chemical toilets with a metal box enclosure.  Except for the front padded area on the top, colour and the stowage locating pin at the bottom, the toilet used in Land Rover Dormobiles me be identical to many others sold for general camping or installation in other brands of caravans during the same time period.

The chemical toilet replaced the fold up jump seat and used the space between the cabinet front and vehicle side bench for stowage.

Land Rover Dormobile wardrobe seat
Land Rover Dormobile toilet and refrigerator stand
Optional toilet in its stowed position under a refrigerator stand
Dormobile Toilet
Toilet pulled out from cabinet and ready for use

The toilet fits only part way into the opening.  The part that remained outside received padded upholstery and is used both as a seat and a step up into the top bunks.  If you look at the front centre bottom you will see a latch that slides into a hole in the floor to lock the toilet in the stowed position.

Front of Land Rover Dormobile toilet
Front view of toilet showing both lid latch and bottom stowage latch. Note that the edges of the seat padding are beveled at about 45 degrees.  The seat padding is 5-7/8" deep and 1/2" high.

Rear of Land Rover Dormobile toilet
Rear view of toilet showing welded on lid hinges.

If your Dormobile takes a toilet but you do not have one you can at least duplicate the outer enclosure and use it for storage.   The toilet enclosure is a 13 inch tall square with 13-1/2 inch sides.  The box front and sides are bent from a single sheet of sheet metal.   The rear panel has a 1/2" wide flange on each side that fits over the box sides and is spot welded to the box sides.

The box bottom has four 1/2" tall flanges that are folded at right angles.  The bottom is welded into the box with the four flanges facing downwards and the bottom surface 1-1/2 inches above the bottom of the cabinet sides.

There are two angle stock bottom parts, per a picture below.  The angle stock is 1/2" high and 1" wide and is attached to the box bottom side with 4 pop rivets.

The lid has a 1 inch wide flange at the front and both sides, welded at the corners.  The rear hinges are 2" wide with each side 1-1/2" long and is welded to the box.  Each hinge is located 1/2" inwards from the side. 

Top open on Land Rover Dormobile toilet
View with outer lid open showing the white fiberglass toilet seat and inner aluminium sealing lid.


Land Rover Dormobile toilet enclosure
Inside of box with toilet removed, underside of toilet seat, top of inner lid.


Underside of Land Rover Dormobile toilet
Underside of outer box showing raised bottom held off the floor by sides and bottom flanges.


Elsan chemical toilet inner can
Inner toilet assembly.  It is held in place by the outer box by the toilet seat.  Draw latch on each side holds lid in place.  The can is 11-3/4 inches in dia. and is 11-1/2 inches tall.


Dormobile toilet interior parts
Galvanized pail removed from toilet and underside of lid.  Inner pail held in place by lid. The inner pail is lined by a plastic bag when in use. The galvanized bucket is 9-1/4 inches in dia. and 9-1/4 inches tall.  It is held in place by the aluminium lip shown in the picture.


Dormobile toilet label
Label on side of can.


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