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Mendo XV

Land Rover banner

April 23 through 26, 2009

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Mendo XX 2014


On the Last full weekend of every April, Land Rovers gather in Cedar camp in California's Mendocino National forest for the annual signature event of the mendo recce Land Rover e-mail list.  It is an opportunity for people who communicate over the e-mail list to gather, run trails, have a Saturday evening potluck and most importantly to renew friendships.

The mendo recce Land Rover e-mail list was started by Ben Smith to facilitate communications among Land Rover owners who  were scouting the Mendocino national forest for an off road trip.  Since then the mail list has grown to become the largest Western US focused Land Rover e-mail list and the outing to become an annual group event. April 2009 marked the 15th annual event.

Mendo recce cake
Cake at the Saturday potluck - Photo by Greg Harwood

In 2009, list members, family and friends attended mendo XV in 37 Land Rovers, an early Bronco and a Volvo C303.  The vehicle breakdown was: 2 - Series I, 11 Series II & IIA, 6 Series III, 1 Defender D90, 4 Discoverys, 2 LR3, 10 Range Rover Classics and 1 Range Rover III. This count included a Series I 107 station wagon, Series I 107 pickup and 2 Dormobiles.  Each year the mix of vehicles is different with some years a lot of Series trucks, others a lot of Discoverys and Defenders.

Land Rovers on the trail
Mendo is about Land Rovers - photo by Matt Spetz

The annual mendo gathering is about a lot more than Land Rovers.  It is about people being and making friends, companionship and a chance to be someone more than a signature at the bottom of an e-mail

Land Rover campfire gathering
Mendo is about people - Photo by Greg Harwood

Campground kids
Mendo is about families doing things together - Photo by Greg Harwood

This year the weather was a mixture of Sunshine, partial clouds and snow on Friday which was gone by noon Saturday.

Land Rover Series I in snow
A Series I 107 station wagon out in Friday's snow - photo by Greg Harwood


Letts Lake
And as always there is the lake to visit - Photo by Dan Harris


Series Land Rover vista
Big vistas - Photo by Greg Harwood


Series land Rover on the trail
Many good trails to run - Photo by  Greg Harwood


Series Land Rover 109 at waterfall
Spectacular scenery - photo by Mo Patrykus

Land Rover Dormobile crossing a stream
and the occasional water crossing - photo by Matt Spetz

Usually we have Cedar camp to ourselves, but Last year another big group also appeared with loud amplified music at night.  It was loud and rowdy enough that the mendo group withdrew to another nearby campground.  So this year the Cedar camp ground was marked by more than a little 90 wt.

Land Rover sign at Ceder camp
The sign at the entrance of Cedar camp campground


Land Rover flag
And a little farther up the camp site road

Land Rover camp
Finally, one look at the camp ground left no doubt that this was Land Rover country

Mendo XV was one of the great years
Mark your calendars for Mendo XVI, April 23 through 25, 2010

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