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QUESTION - In thinking about installing a Weber 34ICH carburetor in my Series Land Rover's 2.25L engine, Can you tell me more about them?


ANSWER - The Weber 34ICH is a generic carburetor designed to be adaptable to several different brands of small engines. This means that the jetting is complicated enough to require an expert to get it tuned as close as possible to your engine's needs. However a 165 Main Jet , 190 Air Correction Jet and F6 Emulsion Tube will normally get a stock Land Rover 2.25L engine running acceptably well at or near sea level. At around 7000 feet try a 155 main jet. Webers tend to be sensitive to altitude changes and need to be leaned out at around 5000 feet for proper running. Because this Weber is designed for generic small engines it often times comes with jetting that is too lean and will burn pistons or valves.  Be sure to check the jet sizes before installing.

While the 341CH has more top end power than the Zenith it is a lot more susceptible to dirt and water in the fuel and can frequently cause problems if the fuel is not clean and well filtered. The Weber's main jet is located at the bottom of the float bowl, where it can be clogged with gunk. The Zenith and Rochester have their main jets supported from above, and are less susceptible to clogging and moisture.

The Weber 34ICH is a direct replacement for the Zenith carburetor on your Land Rover 2.25L engine.  If your Land Rover came equipped with a Solex you will need to buy the Zenith adapter that rotates the carburetor 90 degrees.

I recommend the Rochester B over the Weber 34ICH. The top end performance of the 34ICH is less than the Rochester,   The 34ICH is harder to jet and more often a source of running problems. However it can be an efficient good performing carburetor if properly jetted for your driving conditions and your fuel is kept very clean and free of moisture.




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