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Snow pictures

When I was maintaining the British pacific web site I solicited jpegs of Land Rovers in the snow to place in the BP web site during the winter months.  I got some very good pictures from people willing to share. Unfortunately I was not able to fit all of them in.  There is no place for them in the new BP web site, so I thought I would display them here where everyone can enjoy these great pictures of Land Rover frolicking in the snow.


Land Rover Light Weight in the snow
Land Rover Lightweight


Range Rover Classic
A Range Rover Classic on Shultz pass.  A maintained dirt road in North West Flagstaff Az.


Range Rover and Land Rover Discovery in mountains
Raange Rover Classic and Land Rover Discovery


Land Rover 88 pickup
From Mendo XV trip


Land Rover D90

Gerry's Land Rover Defender D90 also during Mendo XV


Land Rover D90 station wagon
Looks like Gerry's D90 again


Land Rover Discovery


Land Rover Series I


Series Land Rovers


Series I Land Rover



Series Land Rover


Land Rover ambulance


Land Rovers


Land Rover in snow


Land Rover Lightweight


Range Rover Classic

look like Granny's "Ziggy"

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