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Mendo XV pictures

There is an annual gathering of members of the mendo recc email list each April in California's Mendeceno National Forest
This is a collection of pictures taken by multiple people who were on the trip

The annual Mendo gathering is about friends renewing friendships and making new friends of new mail list members. There is a potluck Saturday evening and usually music around the campfire.  It is a kid friendly family event.  This year it snowed one day but the snow was gone before noon the following day. Hopefully this collection of pictures will give you a flavor of an annual Mendo gathering.

Land Rover Discovery


land Rover trip planning
map session for one of several groups heading out on the trail


Range Rover crossing the stream


Matt at potluck
The potluck is always good


Land Rover Defender 90 in sow
A little snow


Linus on Banjo
Linus on the banjo


Range Rover climbing hill


Land Rover climbing hill


Land Rover pickup on trail


Series Land ROver on trial


Series IIA Land ROver descending hill


Mendo Recce cake
The mendo cake at the beginning of the potluck


mendo camp fire


Kid friendly trip
It is a kid friendly gathering


Mendo potluck

Always lots and lots of food at the potluck ... Yum!


Mendo potluck


Series I station wagon


morning fire
Morning after the snow.  The snow was gone a couple hours later


Series IIA station wagon on trail


Land Rover Dormobile leading group


Series III Land Rover 88


My Land Rover Dormobile
OK so I had to get a picture of my truck in


Series IIA Land ROver 88 water crossing


Mendo music
Evening entertainment


Series II Land Rover Dormoile
OK so I had to get a couple more pictures of my Dormobile in.


Land ROver Dormobile water crossing


Ted on his Land ROver


Land Rover camp site


Land Rover camp site at Mendo XV


Lower camp site


Dormobile in snow
The canvas top in my Dormobile has a lot of holes in it so I covered it so I could sleep dry.


Series Land Rover climbing hill


To join in, just join the mendo email group by subscribing to the Google Groups "mendo_recce" group.


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