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About The Green Rover
My 1960 through 2002 Land Rover Dormobile
owned since March 1978

The Green Rover front view

Front view 2019

Roof Rack:

I designed this roof rack after a trip with a borrowed Brown Church Dormobile roof rack. I found the Brownchurch rack to be too light duty and prone to lateral twisting  during off camber situations. Using the Brownchurch roof rack's overall dimensions, I designed my rack with diagonal braces for greater lateral stability. British Pacific built this rack and with my permission offered them for sale as well. Note that the front mounts attach to the bottom of the windscreen. This puts the roof rack's front load on the bulkhead and not on the front top of the roof where large bumps or steep descents could cause the front of the roof to flex and crack the windscreens.

Green Rovers roof rack
Fitting to roof rack. Before the expanded metal floor was installed

Green Rover roof rack details
Some of the stiffening braces. You can see from the pictures that the bottom of the rack's frame is 1" X 2" rectangular tubing while the rest of the rack is made of 1" X 1" tubing. The 1" X 2" tubing provides a floor for the galvanized expanded metal floor. The Brownchurch rack was made from thin wall round tubing about 1" diameter.

Aux lighting;

The four roof lights are Hella Rallye 3000 lights mounted under the roof rack to protect them from branch strikes. The outer two are fog lamps which provide a wide angle pattern aimed to give a wide side to side light pattern. The inner pair are driving lights aimed to provide the best long distance forward pattern. When I get enough money ahead I intend to replace them with Hella Rallye 4000 LED lights to decrease current draw. I don't think a modern light bar would look right on a Series truck.

Pioneer kit:

I mounted the standard Land Rover pioneer kit at the front similar to the locations used by the Camel Trophy D110 trucks. I store the axe handle inside. I decided that a steel tipped axe handle might be too much of a temptation to anyone inclined to break windows for the fun of it. The aluminum wing top panels are to strengthen the wings when standing on them to access the roof rack.


Mile Marker 75 Series hydraulic winch, rated 10500 lbs. Cable is genuine Amsteel Blues synthetic rope which is kept protected in the garage when I'm not out on a trip that includes trail driving. Winch lines degrade from weather, dirt, and sun. So keeping it protected until I might need it keeps it in top condition.  I use Factor 55 closed winching system components for winching safety. I believe that vehicle recovery gear should be the highest quality and not just a cheap afterthought. Which for me means Factor 55 componets and Crosby performance certified shackles.

Front bumper:

This heavy duty bumper is made by Pangolin 4X4. They are an excellent source of original hard to find parts for Series Land Rovers. The lifted ends allows you to climb taller steps where the stock bumper height would get in the way.



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