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Information about my built in drinking water tank

I made up a drawing of what I wanted and Bruce improved upon my design when he built it.
This page is a result of an email list discussion (mendo recce). I removed the shelf normally covering my tank for some quick pictures so please forgive the dirt and dog hairs. The water tank has been installed and in use for over 20 years now.


This tank was built specifically for a 109 regular (two door model). On each side there is a plate cover to fit a spare tyre mount. I wanted to use this hole to place the tank. My goal was to have a drinking water tank with it's full weight at frame level, that would not take up any usable space inside, or take up any space outside. My plan was to fill the available space with the bottom of the tank resting on the front spring outrigger and stabilized by a flange around the top that bolts to the truck body. I sized the depth so that I could fit a sheet of hard rubber between the bottom of the tank and the outrigger.

My original drawing that I handed Bruce. Bruce fabricated the tank out of 18 gauge 316 stainless, all welded construction, making improvements in the process.  He came up with a much larger access opening to make it easier to inspect and clean the tank. The water tank holds 15 gallons of drinking water.

land Rover water tank top view
Overall top view of the water tank. The rectangular lid on the right is the access cover. The big pipe going into the top is the water inlet. The while tube is the air vent and the pipe on the left goes to the electric water pump.


Land Rover water tank inspection plate
Close up of the inspection/cleaning plate cover and water inlet. Hoses were chosen to be food grade where possible.


Land Rover water tank top flange
Close up showing part of the top flange that keeps the tank locked to the side bench body. And of dog hairs.


Land Rover water tank outlet
This shows the water tank outlet, There is a one way valve and a filter screen. The pipe goes to my electric water pump. You can also see a blocked off outlet that I decided not to use. Originally it was going to be the water inlet to the tank but I decided that I wanted a larger diameter fill hose.


Land Rover filler
This is the external part of the filler for the water tank. I wanted it to look factory from the outside. Inside, the guts are food grade plastic parts with a plastic coating over any exposed metal parts.


This is what the filler looks like from the inside. Notice that I cut off the metal filler tube at the mounting flange. The white threaded section is part of a plastic sink drain assembly.


land Rover water tank bottom
Underside view showing the corner water drain plug. I drain the tank if I don't expect to use the water for a couple weeks or more. When I refill it, I initially have the plug removed to rinse out the tank. I follow that up by sanitizing the tank with a cup of bleach to the 15 gallons of water, then drive the tuck around the block or to the store & back, drain, then refill with my drinking water. There is a sheet of hard rubber between the tank and outrigger.



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