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The Green Rover's scrapbook

A scrap book of pictures taken along the way







1997 North Eastern Montana camp site - The big sky country

This picture was taken during The Green Rover's first trip after being converted to a Dormobile.  I had entered the US from Canada earlier that day going through Glacier National Park and was driving South at dusk when my headlamps failed.  I pulled into the driveway of a local ranch and received permission to camp for the night.  This was taken of my camp site next morning.  During the night I was serenaded by a pack of coyotes in the mountains in the background.

After  breakfast, I fixed a corroded connection and was on my way to Yellow Stone

Note I have additional pictures taken along the way in my photography section. The pictures in that section were taken with either medium or large format film.  Most of the pictures in this album is from 72 dpi snaps from a digital camera.

Picture dating:  Many of these pictures are just snapshots stored on my computer from before 2008. Here is the criteria I use for dating the pictures.  The Dormobile conversion was completed and The Green Rover painted late Summer of 1997. The British Pacific advertising decals went on the side of the hard top and the Border to Border numbers were applied in the spring of 1998.  I kept the border to border stickers on until the summer of 2001 when I decided that I no longer wanted to be associated with the Border to Border Society.   The Mantec snorkel was removed and the decals with the web URL were applied in 2007.

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