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This is a subject index page covering my Series Land Rover web site. It has been added for people who are looking for specific information and do not want to read through a lot of articles to find it.

Entries ending with (ill) are links to pictures. There are many more pictures in the gallery section not listed here. (ill) links will open in their own windows with this index page open below it.

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I decided the page was too boring and have added some pictures to liven it up.  Too much order always makes me a little uneasy.

TeriAnn planning the day's journey

200tdi engine into a Series Land Rover, an introduction

Adapters to fit the Series transfercase to common American gearboxes

Air Portable Land Rover , float (ill)

Air Portable Land Rover, front (ill)

Air PortableLand Rover, rear (ill)

Alternate part numbers of OEM or equivalent parts

Ambulance, Series Land Rover (ill)

Auxiliary light mounts for Camel Trophy Defender 110 (ill)


Battery, positive to negative conversion in a Series Land Rover

Bearings, alternative part numbers for Series Land Rovers

Bonnet, vibration protection

Brake fittings , safety considerations

Brake, single to dual conversion, Series Land Rover 109

Brakes, rear Series Land Rover 109, not adjusting properly

Brake cylinder rebuilding, For Series Land Rovvers

Breathers, axle


Cab forward Land Rover 101 (ill)

Cab forward Land Rover 101, front (ill)

Carawagon Land Rover caravan conversion

Carburetors, used in Series Land Rovers, stock and alternatives

Carburetor, Rochester, An inexpensive favorite for the Series Land Rover 2.25L engine

Channel replacement for rear side sliding windows, for 88 and 109 station wagon Land Rovers

Choke cable repair, early style, Series II and early Series III Land Rovers

Clearances for driving Land Rover 90 and 110

Compression testing

Conversion tables, metric & US

Cooking on the trail

Coolant hose, field repair

Cuthbertson trackedSeries Land Rover (Ill)


Dakar Range Rover Classic conversion (ill)

Defender 100 (ill)

Defender 110, Camel Trophy Land Rover (ill)

Defender 130 Land Rover (ill)

Defender Hi Capacity Pickup (ill)

Distributor, protection from water spray

Dormobile, advertising collateral, Mostly Land Rover Dormobiles

Dormobile, Land Rover caravan conversion

Double clutching

Series Land Rover and dog
The Green Rover's alternate driver taking a turn behind the wheel.
Lacey was an avid off road travel enthusiast.

Engine conversions (V8 into series)

Engine mounts, tip for 2.25L petrol Series Land Rover engine

Engine power specs, Covers Lnd ROver engines and other engines commonly swapped into Series Land Rovers

Forward control Series Land Rover IIB, Communications body (ill)

24 spline front axle conversion

Fuel gauges, Stock Serires Land Rover and conversions from other British marques

Fuel tanks, adding into Series Land Rovers

Front left

rear, 88

rear 109 two door


Gauge, fuel

Gauge Tachometer, MGB gauge into a Series II or IIA Land Rover instrument panel

Gauge, Vacuum

Gear boxes, an overview Covers series & coiler Land Rover gearboxes

Gear ratios Covers Land Rover series gearboxes plus Borg Warner T-18, Ashcroft high ratio transfer case

Glass, replacing rear side sliding window glass


Head, how to tell if it has 8:1 or 7:1 compression ona Series Land Rover 2.25L petrol engine

Head, Casting numbers

Head, milling a 7:1 head to 8:1 What is involved.

Headlamps, converting to halogen

Headlamps, fixing dim headlamps

Headlamp/ignition switch used on a Series II and early Series IIA Land Rover

Heater. Series II & Series IIA Land ROver Kodiak heaters

Hydraulic cylinder rebuilding


IBEX, Range Rover based (ill)

Ignition/headlamp switch used on a Series II and early Series IIA Land Rover


Kitchen, portable (ill)

Kodiak heaters used In Series II and Series IIA Land Rovers

Land Rover Dormobile camped in Moab
Kane creek campsite the morning after a rain. Near Moab, Utah

Leaf spring replacement, left hand drive Series Land Rovers

Lift gate, adding side hinges to a Series Land Rover lift gate(ill)

Lifting a Series Land Rover

Light weight Series Land Rover (ill)

Llama  Land Rover truck prototype(ill)

Lucas Insulation wire code

Land Rover Dormobile in Moab
Off roading near Moab, Utah Marimac and Monitor buttes



Octane rating

Oil filter adapter 2.5L petrol spin on fits 2.25L engine (ill)

Oil seals, alternative part numbers For Series Land Rovers


Park - Ranger Series Land Rover caravan conversion

Pick axe head mount, Camel Trophy Defender 110 (ill)

Pre trip inspection to prevent breakdowns

Post trip inspection to keep your Series Land Rover in good condition

Power steering conversion for a LHD Series  Land Rover


Rear work lamp, vibration protection

Rochester Carburetor


Salisbury Axles

Series I Land Rover Fire truck (ill)

Series I Land Rover prototype (ill)

Series I Station wagon (ill)

Shovel mount, front, Camel Trophy Defender 110 (ill)

Shovel mount, mid, Camel Trophy Defender 110 (ill)

Spares and tools to take on a trip

Spark plug alternative part numbers

Springs, Picking the right ones for your Land Rover

Starter motor rebuilding (Diesel starter)

Survival kit, in car

Survival kit, personal

Swivel seal replacement



Thermostat, skirted, what it does

Torque table

Transfercase adapters to connect with common American gearboxes

Transmission, differences between Land Rover Series II & III

Transmissions, an overview

Tubing, vibration protection


"U" joints, Alternative part numbers

V8 engine into a series Land Rover

Weights Factory weight specs for front & rear axle weights as well as total vehicle weights

Winch light, Camel Trophy Defender 110 (ill)

Winch hook on a Camel Trophy Defender 110 (ill)

Winch, Mercury The Green Rover's Mercury WInch

Window, rear sliding Replacing channels & glass

Land Rver wheel
     Discovery I steel wheels fit Series Land Rovers.  They are 7 inches wide,
     the widest steel wheel made by Land Rover


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