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NEVER replace a British fuse with the same rated American fuse

The British Standard for fuses rated fuses by the current that was guaranteed to make them blow instantly.

The American fuse standard rates fuses by the current that they will carry forever.

Back in the days before British Leyland imploded and British cars were common in the US the Bussman fuse catalogues had equivalency charts for people looking to replace blown British fuses.

Bussman Conversion Chart from an old Bussman catalogue:

English Type

American Standard Replacement

50 amp

AGC 30

35 amp

AGC 25

30 amp

AGC 20

25 amp

AGC 15

20 amp

AGC 10

10 amp

AGC 7 1/2

5 amp


Conversely you can just buy the correct British fuse. Pretty much all the British parts houses carry the original spec fuses.  This includes the LR parts houses.


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