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Factory Recommended Service Maintenance
Series Land Rover

The Series Land Rover  owner's manual provides the factory recommended service schedule.  Since many people do not own a copy of their vehicle's owners manual and the maintenance schedule is important to ongoing Series Land Rover reliability, I have provided the factory recommendations. The factory owners manual provides step by step instructions on how to perform these maintenance items.  If you are unclear of how to check and adjust the following items I suggest purchasing a copy of your Land Rover's owners manual.

Scheduled distance based maintenance:

Every 4,000 miles

- Clean and refill the oil bath air filter. Replace air filter hose if cracked
- Remove spark plugs and inspect gap and wear
- Check points for pitting and proper gap
- Check rotor and cap contacts for pitting
- Check inside of cap for carbon tracks and wear
- Lubricate and clean distributor
- Check fan belt tension and wear
- Check all fluid levels (radiator, 90 wt, brake fluid)
- Check rubber boots on tie rod ends & replace if broken or missing
- Check condition of all coolant hoses
- Grease tie rod ends and U joints. This should also be done right after water crossings
- Check brake shoe adjustment
- Check hand brake adjustment
- Rotate tires front to back Every


8, 000 miles Complete 4,000 mile check plus:

- Clean breather filters or PCV valve (if fitted) Check PCV valve diaphragm for cracks (if fitted)
- Replace spark plugs if worn
- Check and adjust valve clearance
- Clean and retighten battery connections
- Clean and lube throttle linkage joints, door locks and hinges


Every 12,000 miles Complete 4,00 mile maintenance plus:

- Clean fuel sediment bowl and screen. You will need a new rubber seal for the bowl
- Replace fuel filter if fitted
- Drain and replace all 90 wt fluids
- Retighten U bolt nuts. This is especially important if the vehicle sees off road use. If this has not been done on a regular basis they will probably be rusted together and require replacement
- Check tightness of drive shaft bolts


Every 24,000 miles: Complete 4,000, 8,000, and 12,000 mile maintenance plus:

- Replace resistance type spark plug wires
- Check engine and transfer case mounts
- Check exhaust system hangers
- Remove brake drums and inspect for wear and leaks


Scheduled time based maintenance

- Check engine oil and coolant level daily if driving long distance or weekly depending upon operating conditions. If an overdrive is fitted the overdrive oil should be checked at the same time.
- Check tire pressures monthly. Use pressures marked on the tire side for street use.
- Coolant should be drained and replaced at least once a year. 50% water with 50% high quality antifreeze plus a wetting agent works best under most conditions.
- All fluid in the brake system should be changed every 18 months to prevent corrosion and to maximize part service life.
- Renew all brake system rubber seals every three years or every 40,000 miles whichever is less whether the system is leaking or not.


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