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Readers Land Rovers

Version 2.0

Defender 110

Defender D110 camped at Crested Butte rally 2000.


Land Rover 101 Forward control

Ben Smith and Land Rover Forward Control 101 at the Crested Butte rally, 2000.



Land Rover 109 Stationwagon

The pictures above and below are of Steve Baccanini's Land Rover 109 station wagon

Series IIA Land Rover



Series IIA 88 Land Rover

Land Rover SIIA 88 owned by Tom Lynch


Land Rover 88 in Moab

Robert Rubery's Land Rover 88 on the Lockhart Basin Trail near Moab


Land Rover SIIA Land Rover

Matt Jackson's amazing V8 powered Land Rover 88.  That front articulation is mainly from extended length front shocks.



Land Rover 130

The pictures above and below are of Kevin Mokracek's Land Rover Defender 130. The top one is in Nightmare Gulch, the lower one in Saline.

Defender 130


Land Rover Divas

The Land Rover Divas perched on the front of my Dormobile, 2011.  The Divas are young girls who each own Land Rovers that they let their parents drive.
Photo by Chris Marzonie


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