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Land Rover 90 and 110 specs


I picked up a Land Rover sales brochure advertising the new 90 and 110 Land Rovers. It provides factory recommended limits for driving a stock pre-Defender coiler. I thought some people might find this interesting. The pictures are a bit wide for readability. You may need to resize your window wider to see everything.


The first illustration shows the safe angles the 90 and 110 can handle without running aground. The rear overhang of the 110 can cause the rear to hit ground in rough terrain. It happens in my 109 fairly frequently.

Land Rover angles

This Illustration shows the maximum factory recommended side tilt for a hard top Land Rover.


The illustration below shows the maximum recommended climbing angle for both the 110 and the 90.

Land Rover max climb angle


Maximum recommended weight for a 90 to carry is one ton. The maximum weight a 110 can carry is 1.3 tons. This numbers vary a little depending upon model. The maximum tow weight for both the 90 and 110 is 4 tons.

Land Rover max tow specs


This illustration shows the improved turning radius and the ground to axle heights.

Land Rover min turn radius


The wading specification is for pre-Defender models. The V8 option was the 3.5L engine. I believe this was a carbureted model.

Land Rover max wading depth


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