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 Land Rover series I logo
Late Series I & early Series II marque plate

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Links to categories of links listed on this page

Land Rover based social media sites (Latest Land Rover news and information of interst to Land Rover owners)

Club sites (Club trips are a good way lean new driving techniques, new trails and provide quality company)

Land Rover forums (Land Rover related forums)

Commercial sites (If you are modifying your land Rover for additional off road capability, there are the folks with the solutions)

Environmental and trip related sites  (Tread lightly so we may continue to tread)

Miscellaneous sites (GPS, import regs, toys, formulas for conversions, that sort of things)

Social media sites


Center Steer (Land Rover focused audio blog )

FunRover (A Land Rover blog & enthusiast site. They create high quality videos and blog posts)

Land Rover Club sites

An Australian focused forum with lots of extras including picture galleries
South African Overland Forum 
Not a club but a place where people can share ideas about vehicle dependent adventure travel
Arizona Land Rover club
Chicago Land Rover Club
They have found the elusive secret to stopping LR leaks
Dormobile owners club
UK based club for all marques of genuine factory Dormobiles
Land Rover Club of Luxembourg
"We are a bunch of enthusiasts in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg"
Land Rover Register of South Australia
Largest and oldest land Rover club in Australia
Land Rover club Las Vegas
Land Rover Owners of America (LROA)
The LROA is a defunct club that existed from around 1984 through 1998. The club left its history behind in the form of newsletters.  Like all club newletters they are packed with technical articles and tips.  Thanks to the efforts of a few, old news letters have emerged from ex member's file cabinets and have been scanned into pdf form  so that a new generation can read them.   I joined the club in the fall or 1985 and was member # 238
Land-Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa
Their monthly club newsletter is online.
LRO (Land Rover Owners) email list
This is the mother of all Land Rover mail lists.  Started in early 1990, it is the first mail list devoted solely to Land Rovers, from which several local Land Rover email lists were formed. The LRO list is for discussions about SERIES LAND ROVERS only and Land Rover trips.  The link takes you to the list sign up page.
LRO logo
Original official LRO e-mail list logo from early 1990s
Lightweight Land Rover Club
UK based club supporting Lightweight Land Rovers
Malta all Wheel Drive Club
Mostly Land Rovers, good photo gallery
Mendo email list
This email list is for discussion of all Land Rover models and Land Rover trips.  This list is primarily West Coast centric.  The group has an annual gathering in the Mendocino National Forest every April. To be able to send email to the group you must first send an email to This is to assure the moderator that you are a real person intersted in Land Rovers and not spamming.
M.O.R.E. Nova Scotia
Maritime Organization of Rover Enthusiasts
Northern California Land Rover Club
An active group based primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area
Norwegian Land Rover Club
Site is in both English and Norwegian
OK Rovers
Oklahoma Land Rover club
Ottawa Valley Land Rovers
The oldest and largest land Rover club in Canada
Series II Club
UK based club for all Series II, IIA and IIB Land Rovers
Swedish Land Rover Club
Swedish language club site
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Land Rover forums


Land Rover Classic Campers
Leaf sprung Land Rover based caravans

Land Rover Commercial sites

NOTE: TATA is going after independent Land Rover parts companies  and forcing them to change their names if ther names include "Rover" or "Land Rover".   The companies you have bought from for decades might now have a new name.

ARB (Australia)
Air lockers, a very rugged 12V chest refrigerator and more.   The fridge is expensive but very well worth the cost if you go out on the trail longer than a weekend. The Green Rover uses a Salisbury ARB air locker and chest refrigerator manufactured by the same company as the ARB unit.
APT Instruments Inc.  (US)
New Smiths gauges or your old gauge rebuilt
Arthur John Charles & Son Ltd (UK)
Manufatures high quality body panels, doors, bulkhead repair parts and roof racks
Ashcroft Transmissions Ltd (UK)
Their primary business is rebuilding Land Rover drive line components but they manufacture a series high ratio transfer case conversion. The low range gearing stays the same and high range fourth gear becomes a permanent 27.5% overdrive.  Ashcroft high 4th gear and 4.7:1 diffs overall ratio is very close to stock trasfercase and 3.54 diff overall ratio.  The Green Rover uses one behind the V8 in her series transfercase. It does a very good job of handling the V8's power.  High range is very close to having a 3.54 R&P without affecting low range.
Auto Sparks  (UK)
Wiring harnesses & parts.
British Wiring  (US)
Complete wiring harnesses for your Land Rover, wire by the meter, connectors and the proper crimp tools
East Coast Rovers (ECR) (US)
ECR is a Land Rover restoration and custom upgrade facility. Their specialty is Land Rover Defender upgrades, repairs and custom work but they also do Series restorations and upgrades of all types. Here is an example of the work they can do for customers
Global Roamer Overdrive (Canada)
Manufactures the Roverdrive overdrive.  Tata forced a name change dfrom Roverdrive.
Great Basin Rovers Now renamed GBR Utah thanks to the Tata legal sharks (US)
Land Rover drive train and suspension upgrades. They can provide such goodies as hardened axles, custom high angle prop shafts, greasable bushings and a lot more. They also are an American dealer of Maxi-Drive   and KAM Differential products.  The Green Rover uses their hardened rear axles and flanges for Salisbury (Manufactured by Maxi Drive) and their greasable frame bushings.  Great Basin also built up the front differential currently in The Green Rover. Early Range Rover carrier, TruTrac 24 spline diff, 4.75:1 ring & pinion gears. In 2007
HEYSTEE Automotive Components  Was TI Console (The Netherlands)
Disc brake conversions, power steering conversions parabolic spring conversions & more
Marks 4WD (AU)
Engine conversion kits for Chevy and Holden V8 engines (assumes your engine bay is set of for or modified to accept a V8).
Mountain Off-Road Enterprises (M.O.R.E.) (US)
While focusing on products for Jeeps they have lots of interesting bits, such as weld on mounting tabs, axle offset plates, custom U bolts, Leaf spring to axle mounting plates for spring overs, weld on axle shock mounts & such. A good source for the home fabricator.
Mud Land Rover Outfitters (UK)
Interior & exterior accessories for Defenders.  Good source for cargo restraining gear.  A lot of which will work on Series trucks as well
Pangolin 4X4 (US)
Off road gear for leaf sprung Land Rovers.  Also a source for some tech info. An excellent source for used Series parts. They have a good selction is NOS Series assemblies and have had a number of NLA rubber parts reproduced..  Fabricated items are farmed out to other companies and galvanizing is done in batches when enough pre-ordered fabricated parts are done to make the price per item cost low enough.  Delivery time varies by when the company doing the fabrication has time to fabricate it for Pangolin and how many fabricated parts are already waiting for galvanizing..
Rocky Mountain Products (Canada)
Rocky Mountain parabolic springs and accessories like shocks and shackles, Galavanized steel grille for Series III, Lamp guards, Window channels using molded rubber instead of cloth, Spin on oil filter adapters, Hazard light panels for early Series trucks, Torrel disc brake conversion kits, front side door tops  The Green Rover uses the rubber molding window tracks for the rear side sliding windows (A great improvement), the four way flasher panel and the Torrel disc brakes.
Rovafarm  (US)
Discount Land Rover parts
Roverdrive now Global Roamer overdrive (Canada)
Manufacturer of Roverdrive overdrives. Tata Lawers forced then to change their company name
Rovers North (US)
Land Rover parts
Global Roamer Corporation   (Roverdrive Gear Corp). (Canada)
Maunfactures the Roverdrive overdrive and accessories such as thick finned aluminum transfercase bottom plates.For both Series trucks and Defenders.
Rovers Down South (US)  Now renamed RDS
A excellent place to find lots of hard to find genuine parts that the big US mail order houses might not have in stock.
RT Designs (US)
Mostly coiler suspension and Salisbury upgrades
Scorpion Racing (UK)
All kinds of off road equipment for coilers.  Some can be used on leafers
Seriestrek (US)
24 and 30 spline axle conversions for Series Land Rover. Adapters for Mercedes 616 & 617 engines (240D & 300td) The Green Rover  uses their 24 spline front axles
Steve Parker LandRovers (UK)
Engine conversion kits for Ford 2.8 & 3.0 V6 and Peugeot Diesel engines
SP Land Rovers Ltd  (UK)
Land Rover body parts made in the UK
TI Console  NEW NAME: HEYSTEE Automotive Components (The Netherlands)
Disc brake conversions, power steering conversions parabolic spring conversions, CV joint conversions for series front axles, hardened axles & more


Environment & Trip Links


Environmentally Responsible Off-Pavement Travel
Site dedicated to principles of environmentally friendly off roading
Tread Lightly - United States
Organization for minimum impact use of the land
U.S. National Park Service
Information about U.S. National Parks
Topo maps on the web
Topo maps for the entire United States only
manufacturer of Mapping software and GPS equipment
Diné  (Navajo) nation hospitality web site
Much of the four corners are is indian land.  This means tribal laws are in effect for everyone and if you travel there you become a guest in their country.
Before traveling to the four corners area it is a good idea to learn something about their culture, customs and sights of interest.   Certainly read the tips for travelers page so you can learn about cultural sensitivities and be a good guest. 
National Outdoor Leadership School

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Miscellaneous Links


GPS product reviews
Site is a good place to learn about new GPS & mapping products
Formulas related to engine rebuilding, common auto unit conversions & more
U.S. based British model car & accessories store. TOYS TOYS TOYS!
U.S. Government, NHTSA
Regulations governing importing cars to the U.S.
Has stuff about SIII 109 FFRs including circuit diagrams
Video cams in South African Game Reserves
  Or the mirror site in .za
View African wildlife at the watering hole.
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