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The Carawagon Land Rover camper conversion was made by R.J. Serle Ltd. of Sunbury on the Thames, England. Carawagons are the most common Land Rover camper conversion. The most common Land Rover Carawagon model was the model 80, based upon the Series Land Rover 109 three door.

Carawagon Land Rover 109

Carawagon Land Rover nterior

Ex-MOD officer's Carawagon with top erected and rear awing

interior of erected top

Carawagon Land ROver storage

Carawagon Land Rover

storage space under rear side seat/bed

Carawagon model 80 with top erected

Carawagon Land Rover rear

Carawagon Land ROver rear

Right rear. Tubes around rear are slide out awning

Left rear

Carawagon Land ROver front

Carawagon Land Rover kitchen

Front showing top down

Rear interior. Note two burner stove with broiler. Open drawer has factor dishes and wash tub.

Carawagon Land Rover interior

Carawagon Land Rover interior

Rear interior towards front. Note refrigerator under stove on left. Portable toilet in middle.

Cabinet has slide out table in fully extended location

Carawagon Land Rover bed

Carawagon front right set up for camping

Couch opened out. and top bunk deployed.

1966 Continental model Carawagon

Carawagon Land Rover front

Carawagon Land Rover rear

1966 Continental model Carawagon

1966 Continental model Carawagon

Rage Rover Carawagon

Interior Ranger Rover Carawagon

Range Rover based model 100 Carawagon

Interior of Range Rover model 100 Carawagon

Military Land ROver Carawagon

Land Rover Continental Carawagon

"Tactical command post" Land Rover Carawagon model 80 conversion

Land Rover Carawagon model Continental

Land Rover Carawagon, Saudi

Land Rover Carawagon interior

One of 20 Land Rover Carawagon "Mass Vacation units"

Medical conversion interior

Land Rover Carawagon model 80

Special order interior Carawagon

Land Rover Carawagon model 80

Custom interior in a Land Rover Carawagon model 80

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