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Camel Trophy  Land Rover gallery


Each year Rover used to stage a grueling rally called the Camel Trophy. Teams of people from around the world are invited to participate. These are pictures of some of the Land Rover Defender 110 who participated in the Camel Trophy.

Camel Trophy Defender D110
8 Camel Trophy Defender 110's at the 1996 Billing Land Rover meet


Camel Trophy Land Rover D110
Camel Trophy Land Rover D110

Camel Trophy Defender pick head mount
Close up of the pick head mount. There is a rectangle of hard rubber pop riveted to the wing top where the front end rests against the wing. The brackets are pop riveted in place.


Camel Trophy Defender Aux. Lighting
This picture shows the way the top lights are mounted to the roof rack and the top attachment of the branch lifter wires


Camel Trophy Defender front shovel mount
Here is the front shovel mounting bracket. Camel Trophy Land Rovers used the military style shovel which has the blade mounted closer to parallel to the handle than you will find with garden spades.  This allows the shovel to work better in the confined spaces under a stuck Land Rover.  You can also see part of the front spring loaded attachment hardware for the branch lifter wires.  The spring takes up the shock of the initial strike protecting the the mounting points from repeated stress fatigue.  You can also see how the Military Land Rover bonnet latches were mounted on Camel Trophy Land Rover Defenders.


Camel Trophy Defender mid shovel mount
Close up of the middle shovel mount showing how the strap is attached. You can barely make out the rear mount as well. The strap on the rear mount loops under the bottom bracket and is not fastened in place.


Camel Trophy Land Rover Defender winch light
A clear Defender parking lamp is mounted to a metal bracket to provide light for winching at night. The winch, winch bumper and brush guard are SuperWinch products.


Camel Trophy Defender winch hook
The winch hook assembly is a Genuine Land Rover part.  The tow bracket is a standard Dixon Bate 3.5 ton towing jaw


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