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Below are pictures of a German Land Rover 88 that has been modified into a pop up caravan.  This is an 88 that sleeps two and has a kitchen!  The battery was going out on my light meter so the exposure was off and then the scans were highly compressed for acceptable load time with a 1200 modem.  Sorry, nowhere near today's standards.

As you can see the roof was removed and the metric equivalent of 2X4s were placed on the top of the sides and windscreen. And the equivalent of a 2X2 was added to the underside of roof.


Obviously one side of the roof was hinged.


Front and rear zippered doors were added with plastic windows and a zippered door screen.


This picture shows how the back door was treated.

This is the picture that shows the details, include the designer, builder. There are three folding struts that hold the roof and canvas in place. Each strut is two segments.  There is a hinge at the bottom and middle.  The middle has a locking strut.  If memory serves the top of the struts fir the roof with a pin.  You pull the top pin, release the middle strut lock, lower the top segment then lower the bottom segment until the struts are laying horizontal. The upper floor consists of a few pieces of plywood that can make an entire floor.  one short part can be taken up to allow people to climb up or down inside the vehicle.    When the top is down there is space t store both the struts & bedding.  Down stairs on the side benches is an ice cooler, stove, sink and a little storage.

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