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The common Defenders are the short wheelbase D90 and the longer wheelbase D110.  However, there are variations that were manufactured by the factory,  These images represent variations of the Land Rover Defender that were never sold into North America.

The Defender is the latest revision of the Series I Land Rover that went into production in 1948. As such the Land Rover Defender represents over 60 years of refinement on a design. The fact that the Land Rover has changed so little over 60 years of production shows the soundness of the original design.

High Capacity pickup

Land Rover Defender High Capacity Pickup
Land Rover Defender High Capacity Pickup

The high capacity pickup is the Defender version of the Series One Ton model and is based upon the D110. The bed behind the cab is a separate unit from the cab and can be easily replaced with  flat bed or other specialty rear section.  These are common outside North America.


Defender 127 or D130

Land Rover D130
Land Rover D127 with canopy over rear bed


Land Rover D130
Land Rover D130 with canvas top over the rear and roof top tent

For reasons I don't understand D127 is the earlier name for this extended wheelbase Land Rover that was later called the D130. As you can see from the pictures the Land Rover D130 is basically a D110 station wagon with a high capacity pickup  bed on the rear.  These too are common outside North America.


Land Rover Defender D147

Land Rover D147
Land Rover D147

There were only ten Land Rover D147s built.  Of the ten, four are owned by Outback Africa Safaris and are being used for South African camping tours .  As you can see, these are basically Land Rover Defender 100 station wagons with a third row of seats added between the first and last row.


Land Rover Defender D100

Military Defender D100

A small number of Defender D100 Land Rovers were built to a special European military contract specifying a short wheelbase four door model


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