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About The rear interior of
my 1960 through 2002 Land Rover Dormobile
owned since March 1978

Tell me how this interior came about


Green Rover's rear interior
The Green Rover's custom Dormobile rear interior
The only difference between it being empty and ready for a long trip is that I have a chase lounge pad on the floor as a dog bed when I'm traveling.  Otherwise everything is secured inside a cabinet.


Green Rover rear interior from the front
Interior view from the front.
The jump seat is deployed. You can see the 12V air compressor beside the jump seat. it is used to power the rear ARB locker and to air tyres back up at the end of the trail. Yes it is a Defender rear door.


Tea cabinet
Rear view showing the tea cabinet above the rear door.
Besides tea it also contains spare fuses, along with snap end eyelet setting tools for field repairs. What appears to be a neon tube is an LED light providing light for reading and cooking. This is the Dormobile optional second light location.



Bed in stowed position
Top bunk in stowed position and Dormobile spice rack
I added Plexiglas sliding doors to the spice rack to keep items in place while on the trail. You can also see my knife rack and Orion signal kit. I'm a strong believer that if you need help you should not be shy about letting others know. The kit contains an assortment of flares, including red smoke flares.


Dormobile bed deployed
The top bunk deployed. It is about the same width as a single air mattress and there is plenty of space to sit up in bed. I have a reading lamp on a stalk for a bedtime read.


Dormobile cooker unit
Dormobile kitchen unit and second sink.
The Dormobile kitchen unit contains a Calor brand 2 burner cooker with broiler under the burners and a sink. There is a door below opening to storage space where I keep my dishes, cookware, and food items that do not need refrigeration. The stainless steel sink is in a custom made cabinet and is wide enough for dishes to lay flat. The faucet pivots to add water to both sinks and can also face outside to fill something form outside the truck.


side table
The door on the second sink stand is top hinged to create additional counter space.
The water pump is located here and I also store cleaning supplies in here. Things like the toilet recharge fluid bottles, dish & clothes washing detergents, brushes, broom head, water filters, new sponges and general cleaning solutions for keep the interior clean.


Dormobile jump seat
Stowed jump seat and dual voltage refrigerator.
The jump seat is a Defender type mounted to a Series back frame. The refrigerator keeps foods cold without dealing with ice melt and frequent trips just for ice.


second battery cut off
battery cut off switch and dual mains outlets.
The jump seat sits over my second battery. The second battery powers the rear electrics (lights, water pump, and refrigerator) when the ignition is off leaving the front battery fresh to start the truck. The switch isolates the battery in case of emergency or if I need to work on any of the rear electrics. I have a mains power inlet at the back of the truck for times I stop at a campground that has power. The duel outlets are live when the truck is plugged in. The mains power also operates the refrigerator and a built in battery charger that keeps the second battery fully charged.


first aid kit
The first aid kit contents has been stocked to meet my personal needs. The box is old enough that the red cross has faded to white but I have a contents paper listing expiration dates so I can keep the contents fresh. The LED Mag Lite is in easy reach of the bed as is the headlight. The gauge below the first aid kit keeps track of the second battery charge level.


Tell me how this interior came about

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