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Land ROver rear fuel tank


This is a conversion made by Bob Bernard on his 1969 88 named Sherman.

People are always trying to figure out how to carry more fuel to increase their driving range without raising the centre of gravity. With an 88 you are normally limited to a pair of under the seat fuel tanks. Bob has come up with a way to add a rear tank to the 88 that dramatically increases the fuel capacity of an 88.

Bob's description of the conversion:

I use a rear fuel tank from a Jeep CJ7. If you look at a CJ rear some of the tank shows between the springs. This is OK though, and is what shows on Sherman. I mounted the skid/mounting plate just in time to go through Sierra Trek for a real test. I had no problems or rock contact so then finished the installation afterward. The following year, We did Sierra Trek again with no trouble.

series Land Rover 88 fuel tank

The tank being designed for unleaded gas has a thin fill hose which helps the fit. The tank comes with a skid plate for a mounting. It holds 15-17 gallons. I had to flatten the side lips to fit it between the frame. I made a front support by bolting a steel bar across in front after mounting the skid plate and tank to the rear cross member. The fill pipe is new gas proof hose and it curls up through the frame and bottom of the tub on the right side. (By using an unleaded tank with the thinner fill hose, it snakes through without any cutting.)

Land Rover fuel tank filler

Land Rover filler

The filler came from the same CJ7 and fits on the flat rear of the tub near the right tail light as high as I could go without interfering with the top of the fender well. It is approx. 4"x5" plastic recessed box so the fill cap doesn't protrude.

Take a look a the rear of a CJ to see what I mean. The CJ filler makes a lot more sense than having the filler inside. Of course I added a brass tank switch valve on the right center of the seat box.

The muffler would be in the way. I decided the rear tank was much more valuable than the original muffler, so now Sherman has a flat muffler under the driver more or less like a CJ. I am quite happy with this. There are probably other muffler options a good muffler shop could suggest.

Oh, one more thing, The float works with a Stewart Warner gauge, so I have an extra fuel gage in the panel. Nothing matches either of the L-R float/gauges, But the American companies like Stewart Warner and others have the AMC units.


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