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The Green Rover 's scrap book of pictures taken along the way

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2001 Arizona


1998 Border to Border trip on the leg through Moab


2003 camping in the mojave desert


1998 North Eastern Montana trying to stay on an unmarked trail


Before there was Interstate 70, there was the California trail. Wagon trains traveled it, early cars traveled it and I found a section of it between Reno and Salt Lake City to be a wonderful US70 bypass.  This is a view of the trail looking East.  Taking the early routes gives me a sense of history and a connection to earlier generations.


Not every vehicle made it through the California trail intact.  I wonder what stories this old touring car could tell.


1997 on my first trip into Monument Valley. Breathtaking!  I can not seem to go into the four corners area without going into Monument Valley, Brice or the Moab area.  When I first looked out on this vista I kept looking for John Wane to be leading a troupe of cavalry  from around a butte.

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