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Park-Ranger Land Rover Caravan #3

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This is a 1964 Park-Ranger Land Rover the UK.  Caravan conversion manufacturer stickers are absent.  I've tentivly classified it as a Park-Ranger based upon its standard Park-Ranger interior layout. The lifting roof used on this vehicle appears to have been purchased from Martin Walter, the manufacturer of Dormobile Land Rover conversions.

The interior of this vehicle fits the brochure layout for type A sleeping arrangements.



From the pictures the lifting roof appears to be a Martin Walter Land Rover Dormobile top that has been modified in the rear.

This shows the rear of the lifting top which is modified from the Dormobile design.  The Dormobile end is more oval shaped and fits inside a fiberglass rain gutter.  This end  fits to the stock Land Rover rear roof gutter.


You can also see the unique double doors.

Here is another picture of the rear doors.  They do not appear to be home made.  I suspect the doors were designed for a special commercial body varient.

Here is a view showing one of the rear doors better and the right rear wardrobe.

The right rear door appears to have a vertical post latch which locks the right door side to the floor and roof.

Park ranger bed
Park ranger rear

The interior as seen from the rear door shows a typical plan A layout.  The table top on its side at the front can be errected between the to side facing seats and the 2 facing seats can be converted into a double wide bed for children under 4 feet.


Here is an inside view of the right rear wardrobe. 

park ranger right rear interior

On a standard Park-Ranger the cabinet top would lift up to reveil a sink.

The left side has standard shaped cabinetry but the "standard" plan layout calls for a cooker and a refrigerator to be built into these cabinets.

park ranger right rear interior

park ranger right rear interior

There is a view of the left side interior from the front showing a top cabinet in front of what looks like it could be a cooker heat vent.



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