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Park-Ranger Land Rover Caravan #2

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This is a 1968 Land Rover Park Ranger that was imported from the UK to California in 2004.  It still has its Park-Ranger badges.

Park Ranger with level raising roof .   The newer roof stands on spring loaded arms on each side.  With roof raised the interior height is about five foot ten inches.

The interior of this vehicle fits the brochure layout for type A sleeping arrangements.

Side view showing side window in top fabric. It appears one of the design goals of the earlier and this roof top is to create lots of natural interior light.   The windows in the hard top sides are not Land Rover.  Judging by their positions it appears that the factory used blank sides to install the windows in.

An interior shot of the raised top shows the metal bracings.  Note the lifting handle forward of the sky light.  There is  scond in the same position towars the rear just out of the picture.  It matches the handle fitted to the inside of the rear door.

At the top of each metal top support arm is a red material strap. These straps each secure to a bracket to latch the top down.

The black cords  are for pulling the sides of the canvas walls inwards as the top is being lowered.  

The white cloth running horizontally below appear to be storage but may be bunk covers.

The larger metal castings are lebeled "Chiltern"  Chiltern Casting Co. is a small company that does small batches of custom castings.

An outside view of the rear with the door open shows the dark wood finish.  While wood creates the loveliest of caravan interiors the panels are thicker than either steel or aluminium  and the wood adds a lot of interior weight above frame level.

Park ranger rear
Park ranger bed

A view with the double bed  support in place.  The back cushions of the seats become the centre mattress section.

The fluorescent lamp is larger than the ones used on Dormobiles.


This Park Ranger comes with a full motor caravan stove: Two burners, broiler and an oven!  One could roast a pheasant or duck on a hunting trip.

Lower right shows the front opening refrigerator.   My personal favourite for a battery powered refrigerator is a chest type because the cold air does nor flow out when the door is opened like it does in an upright type.  The upright type has the advantage that you can fit more capacity in less horizontal space.  And space is always a premium when designing a Land Rover caravan.

park ranger right rear interior

The right rear interior shot shows the sink with the  lid in the down position.  This provides for additional counter space when you are not using the sink.

The wood panel behind the front seat centre has two horizontal cross members. The lower wood cross member is a support for the slide out bed section.  The upper one is the front support for a table that can be erected between the side facing seats.

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