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The differences between the different Series Land Rover spring shackles

   By Bill Davis of Great Basin Rovers


Here is what I know about them. The measurement is the center on center distance (COC) from the bolt holes.

3 inch COC - Series One & Series 2 SWB.
They used a non-threaded outer and a threaded inner shackle plate. The inner one had a BSF thread (don't remember size off hand) and hence used a BSF bolt & nut. These parts have long since been NLA from Land Rover but can still be sourced from LR Fasteners in the UK. The reason LR changed to a different (larger thread size) is strength. If you look at one of these early bolts there is a distinct step down in diameter at the BSF threads. If you are changing springs and have to cut off the spring and shackle bolts and cannot or don't want to use the BSF size you can merely drill out the inner shackle to 9/16 and use the later 9/16 UNF spring & shackle bolts.

A common misconception is that there is some technical reason that the inner shackle needs to be threaded . There is not and hence no issues with using an unthreaded inner shackle. LR is the only leaf sprung vehicle that I know of that uses a threaded inner shackle. I think threaded inner shackles were common on many vehicles in the 20's, 30's & 40's but eventually everyone (except LR) realized that all if did was cost more. The disadvantage of a threaded inner shackle is that it makes disassembly more difficult when the components are rusted together.

? - Series One & Series 2 LWB
I'm pretty sure the Series 2 had longer shackles and maybe Series ones also but don't want to go out and measure them.

3.75 inch COC - Series 2A & 3 SWB
LR also upgraded to the 9/16 UNF spring and shackle bolts and hence the inner shackle is threaded the same.

4 inch COC - Series 2A & 3 LWB

5.75 COC - Series 2A & 3 One Ton and Military
these also used the center support widget (can't remember the specific name)


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