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QUESTION - The glow plugs seem to take a long time to heat up before the motor will start. I understand there are two different types of plugs.

ANSWER - From Steve Mace for metric thread glow plugs only:

I looked into this and LR say the later 2.25 diesel and the 2.5NA diesel [WITH METRIC THREADS] both take the Champion CH-63 glow plug. This is an 11V 90W heater and should be connected direct to the battery (through suitable controller). Once you switch the plugs on the battery voltage drops to 11V so this is okay.

Anyway, after a LOT of web searching and phone calls this is what I've discovered:

  1. The CH-63 take 30 seconds (at 11V) to reach max temp of 800 degrees C.
  2. The CH-63 is a probe type with 25mm x 6.1mm probe size, M12, 12x1.25 thread. It should be wired direct, in parallel, with no ballast.
  3. The very best plugs nowadays are ceramic type which are supposed to last the life of the vehicle (whether that covers the average 30 years of a LR or the normal 6 years of a modern car is another matter). These have very fast heat up i.e. around 5 seconds. Couldn't find anyone who could tell me about a set of these for the 2.5 (and therefore 2.25) LR.
  4. Nobody knows anything about glow plugs! Tried Champion and NGK and their technical knowledge was very poor!
  5. NGK do a drop in replacement for the CH-63 which is the Y-208T. The Y-208T has a 13-15 second heat up time which is a lot better than the Champion part (the T means fast heat up). The Y-208T is a straight swap - same voltage, same size etc..
  6. In the process of looking at prices I also discovered the CH-63 plugs can be had for less than US$ 9 for a set of four on the US side of the lake but cost three times that over here in the UK! I also found the cheapest UK place I could get NGK Y-208T's from they were about US$ 64 for a set of four!

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