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QUESTION - What is a good test for steering linkages / trouble spots to check (late IIA)?? I hear spooky creaks sometimes when the car is turning. All fluids are topped up. Leaves look good- no visible sag. Rocking the truck doesn't seem to duplicate. New tires, needs alignment.

ANSWER - Last time I was getting strange creaking noises I had cracks in my frame. The edges of the cracks were rubbing together when the frame was flexing. You might want to do a frame inspection around the front third of the frame. A common place to find cracks is around the engine mounts.

I believe the most common source of strange creaks when a series Land Rover is turning is caused by badly worn suspension bushings. These are the first items you should check.

Also, have someone else turn the steering wheel back and fourth while you look over the steering. Your steering relay may have come loose in the frame and be making noises as it moves about. You have been lubricating the steering relay per the work shop manual right?? While you are at it check over your tie rod ends for looseness and replace them if you see any sign of looseness.

Sometimes the bolts holding the steering box to it's bracket become loose. It can shift things enough to get a momentary binding that moves a body panel making a cracking sort of noise then the panel is released. Look very carefully at where the steering box connects to the bracket for any slight movement between the two parts as the direction of steering is changed. Also on a left hand drive car, a loose steering box can add slop to your accelerator linkage and keep your carburetor for opening fully when the pedal is fully depressed. If you need to tighten the bolts that hold the steering box in place, note that there should be lock tabs on the engine side of the bolts. You may not be able to see them through the grime build up that tends to be there.

I hope this gives you enough ideas to go back & look again.

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