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Land Rover had standard colours and paint schemes each year for painting new civilian Land Rovers.  However, military, commercial fleet and special built vehicles could get any colour and paint scheme they wanted.  So there will always be exceptions to whatever as available from the dealer on various models for each year. Of course 35+ years later, you are likely to see any colour combination on any Land Rover.

I have written this to cover Land Rover colours from 1958 through 1974 (Series II to, IIA & III).  I have added a couple newer Series colours just because people are likely to see them on privately imported Series Land Rovers and are likely to become confused by the colour. Most of this data came directly from official Land Rover publications. It is probable that a colour was offered or not offered in a given country market that differs from the brochures I got my information from. I have not seen publications for every individual year so it is possible that I missed a single year or couple year colour option.

Pastel Green 1959 - 1984
Bronze Green 1959 - 1988
Deep Olive Green 1970 - 1971
Lincoln green 1970 - 1984
Wildlife green 1972 0nly, Australia only
Java Green - Stage I only
Marine Blue 1958 - 1987
Tuscan blue 1972 - 1987
Pageant Blue Stage I only
Limestone 1959 - 1984
Poppy Red - 1959 - 1968
Masai Red 1970 - 1985, Stage I & County models only
Russet Brown - SIII County model only
Sand 1959 - 1984
Bahama Gold - 1971 - 1989
Inca Yellow Stage I only
Mid grey 1959 - 1984
dark grey (burnt gray) 1959 - 1968

Sandglow "Camel trophy Yellow"



Series II - body coloured except for pastel green and Mmarine blue which were limestone.
Series IIA, III - Limestone
      Note: for power coating wheels, a very close match to Limestone is powder code # RAL 1015.
                For hardware store rattle cans, "antique white" and Rustoleum Almond is about as close as you will find.

Doors & door tops - body coloured

Lift doors - Limestone on limestone tops

Roof sides

Station wagon - body coloured
regular - limestone

Roof tops

Station wagon -Early - body coloured with limestone sun shield Late - (1968 & later??) entire top painted limestone
regular - white
pickup top - body coloured, sun shield limestone


Most 2.25L engines were painted a light green at the factory.  The Alpine Green for Detroit Diesel is a very good match. the Detroit Diesel part number for the Paint is: 1#5194974 Gr.12.8001
2.5L petrol engines were painted red


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