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From Car and Driver magazine, September 1964:

"A Land Rover is at once a delightful runabout and a rolling torture chamber. It combines the best and worst features of a truck with the insouciance of an MG-TC (insouciance - French noun, characteristics that entice or charm one into unsuspected trouble). It is a car that every man feels compelled to buy at one time or another, but hardly anybody has a use for. It is best suited to off-the-road cross-country adventure. Conversely it is not specifically useful for shopping trips, or general family-household use, but that's what people do with it. This is one of several instances where perfectly reasonable people have seemed to take leave of their senses on first meeting the Land Rover. It is less of a car than a state of mind. Its owners are the most partisan group imaginable and its would-be owners are legion."

There are pictures of Series Land Rovers doing what Series Land Rovers do best, submitted by their owners.

2011 update on Readers Rigs photos

The pictures on this page are from the late 1990's and early 2000's. Fom back in the days when us country folks were still on 2400 baud phone modems and jpegs took forever to load. So they are all low rez small photos.
After a heitus of at least half a decade the readers rigs section is once again active for people who would like to share pictures of your Defender or Series Land Rover. 
When you finish looking at the version 1 photos, you can see the version 2 Land Rover reader rig photos.

Click on any image to show a larger better detailed version

Kieth Elliot's Land Rover 88

Joseph Broach's Land Rover 88 near Moab

Kieth Elliot's Land Rover 88
getting washed in Canada

Joseph Broach's Land Rover 88
"Sid" near Moab U.S.A.

Adrian Redmond's 1976 Land Rover 109

Paul Oxley's Land Rover 110

Adrian Redmond's 1976
Land Rover 109 in Denmark

A rare look at a 1984 South
African Paul Oxley Land Rover
110 taking its rest

John Cranfield's  Land Rover 109

Series I land Rover 80

John Cranfield's Land Rover
109 "Muddy" getting washed
Canadian style.

Richard Clarke's 1951 Series I
Down under.

Bill Rice's 109 "Mrs. Merdle"

Sherman marching up hill

Bill Rice's 1964 Land Rover 109
"Mrs. Merdle" in Georgia U.S.A.

Bob Bernard's "Sherman"
Rock crawling in the Sierra
Nevada Mountains, U.S.A.

109 Land Rover in the mud

Three Land Rover in Arazona

Frank Geerts 1978 Land Rover
109 playing in deep mud, Belgium

Three Land Rovers on Tour in
Arizona, U.S.A. James Howard,
Dave Brown, Gerry Elam

Range Rover in snow

Land Rover in South Africa

Arjan Haanstra's Range Rover working
in the snow. Netherlands

Shaun Nel's Land Rover on tour
in South Africa

Land Rover series IIA

Land Rover

Robert Hoban's Land Rover having an
accident near Winnipeg Canada

Enrico Gandolfo's Land Rover Series III near Torino Italy

Land Rover 88 in mud

Two Land Rover crossing stream

John sanchez's Land Rover
during the Mid Atlantic Rally
Virginia, U.S.A.

John Benham and Dale Avery
near Pinehurst, Idaho U.S.A.

Range Rover

Land Rover series III

Michael Slade's Range Rover
"on location" during a photo shoot
Oregon, USA

Granville "Granny" Pool's Land
Rover series III "The Snark"
during the '98 mud run.
California USA

Land Rover Defender

Range Rover

Jeannie Peeler's Land Rover D90
drinking at the river in
Virginia, U.S.A

Jon Stehn's Range Rover in Colorado, USA

1966 Land Rover 88

Land Rover 88

Jim Hall's 1966 Land Rover,
"Elephant Chaser" in Colorado,

Kerry Scott 's Land Rover
leading a club run, Virginia, USA

Land Rover in drink

Land Rover on its side

Ash Smith's 1967 Land Rover
being washed New Zealand
style Holy cow what a story!

Mitch Stockdales's Land Rover 88 "Red Dinosaur" Taking a rest during a trail run in Moab Utah, U.S.A.

ex-MoD Land Rover 109

Land Rover Defender launching

Oliver Gottlob's ex-MoD 1976 Series III 109 "Slow & Smokey" playing in Germany

Luis Madeira's Defender D90 aircraft near Lousã, Portugal

Land Rover ambulance

Land Rover Dormobile

Steve O'Neil's Land Rover ambulance "Warthog" in Louisiana U.S.A.

Paul Heystee's Land Rover Dormobile doing what Dormobiles do best in Sardinia

Land Rover

Series III Land Rover

Alyna Tai's Land Rover "Janda" hopping about in Malaysia

SIII 88 station wagon called "Adik" - that means "little sister" in the Malay language.
In Malaysia

Malaysia Land Rover Club


Some cars from Land Rover Owners Club Malaysia with their owners almost ready to pull out for a run into the jungle


Range Rover

Land Rover 88

Over a bridge - v e r y carefully
In Skardu - North of Pakistan

Dave Philippe's 1969 Land Rover 88
in the Canadian Rockes

Land Rover Land Rover 109

Eric Mang's "Swamp Thing" near New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

"Lucy" as last seen before being disassembled for a complete rebuild in Dec 00. Redmond, Washington, USA.

Land Rover 88

I think I can!   I think I can!   I think I can!
Cassie Schutte, owner/driver Pienaarspoort, South Africa

Carey Woodings' 1962 Land Rover "Nessie the Antique Monster" Indiana, USA

Series III Land Rover 109 Land Rover

Claire's flower child, "Hoopty-machine"
a 1973 Series III 88, California, USA

A little help at the rear lift handles please! Joe Mulqueen's 109 stationwagon, California, USA

Land Rover station wagon Land Rover 101 forward control

Lance Jonsson's 109 camping at Deer Park in the Olympics. Washington, USA

Bob Palmer's 101 movin upstream, Florida, USA

Land Rover 88 Land Rover Santana

"Afdeling", a 1976 88 out greenlaning in the countryside of Jonggol, West Java, Indonesia

Javier de Mazarrasa's Ex-Spanish Army 1980 Santana 88 in the mountains of Spain.

Land Rover 88 in Sweden

Version 2 Land Rover reader rig photos.

Björn Pettersson's Land Rover taking the road less traveled in  Sweden



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