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Green Rover specifications

1960 Land Rover Series II 109 regular named "The Green Rover". Highly modified for rugged long range expeditions.

Overall Dimensions:

Overall Length = 180 inches (15 feet) bumper to bumperette

Overall height, top down = 88 inches  (7 feet 4 inches)

Overall width =  66 inches (5.5 feet)

Wheelbase = 111 inches

Standard shipping container
interior dimensions:

Length 20 foot: 232.2 inches
40 foot: 478.7 inches

Height: 94.19 inches

Width:  92.6 inches

Track = 4.3 feet

Turning circle = 47 feet

Weight , normal driving configuration, 8 gallons drinking water, 24 gallons of fuel = 5440 pounds (2470 kilos)

Front axle weight = 2460 pounds (1117 kilos)

Rear axle weight = 2980 pounds (1353 kilos)

Weight, fully loaded for a long trip, 42 gallons of petrol, 15 gallons of water, refrigerator full = 5790 pounds (2630 kilos)

1999 engine/transmission/power steering swap increased total weight 190 pounds (86 kilos)


Rear Interior:

Length = 6 feet, 1 inch

Width , wall to wall = 4 feet, 8 inches

Width at the floor without cabinets = 3 feet

Height, top down = 4.4 feet

Height, top up = 7 feet and 7 inches



Petrol = 42 gallons (18 gallons rear tank, 12 gallons each front tank)

Drinking water = 15 gallons

Propane = 5 gallons built in plus3 gallon aux. tank stowed on roof rack during trips


Drive train:

Engine - Ford 302 (5.0L) originally out of a 1968 Ford Mustang. Converted to 1991 Mustang EFI.  Airflow Research 165 aluminum cylinder heads, COMP cam ground for the EFI's firing order, low end power and good fuel economy, otherwise stock engine.

Transmission - Hybrid NP-435 close ratio four speed truck transmission. Low range first provides 50:1 at the axles (stock Series is 40:1). Other low ratio gears are close to stock Series low ratio gears making convoying on the trail easy. 65 MPH highway cruise at 2650RPM with 33.3" dia tyres. Hybrid NP-435 is Chevy close ratio gears built into a Ford case. A Chevy top cover was used for a slightly shorter shift throw and the output shaft from a Ford F6000 was used for compatibility to a Timm Cooper spud shaft adapter.

Transfer case - Series Land Rover with Ashcroft high ratio kit installed.

Rear end - Salisbury with 4:7 ring & pinion and ARB air locker, hardened Maxidrive rear axles and drive flanges.

Front end - Rover with Trutrac automatic torque biasing differential, Very strong 4.75:1 ring & pinion gears and SeriesTrek 24 spline axles.


Suspension & steering:

Steering - Saginaw power steering box from 1980 International Harvester Scout

Springs - 1 ton leaf springs with high density plastic sheets between the leaves. LR extended shackles.



Converted to Series III dual circuit power brake conversion, front disc brakes, stock 109 rear brakes

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