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Land Rover safety kit

There is a story I read once about a family that survived a plane crash in the Western American desert. The plane was in a small canyon out of sight. The family of three moved out of the canyon to a site that was easily visible and waited for rescue. They were experienced campers and survived for over 50 days before running completely out of supplies and dying. Other people were aware that the survivors were there but thought that they were just campers. No one knew that they were crash survivors waiting to be rescued. The point of the story was that if you need help make sure that potential rescuers know that you need help.

The Green Rover carries a complete signal kit that includes 12 gauge aerial signal flares, hand held signal flares for night use and orange smoke flares for day time use. I have a battery operated strobe that is kept in the car or with me when I am away from the car.

If I need help I want to make sure that people know that I need help.

I also consider the CB to be an effective signal device in many areas.

The Green Rover caries a large quantity of equipment for survival as well as my normal camping gear which also serves as survival gear. Having a fully equipped RV makes being stuck or broken down for multiple days comfortable and reasonably safe unless I'm low on supplies when trouble leaves me stranded.

Normal camping supplies includes a full refrigerator and lots of packaged and canned foods. The refrigerator will operate for three days on the deep cycle battery in 90 plus degree weather without starting the car.

The car has a built in 15 gallon water tank plus a 3 gallon reserve water bottle on the roof rack. My personal emergency kit that goes on trips contains a half gallon of drinking water and I keep a 1-1/2 quart bottle of water alongside the driver's seat to keep me hydrated while driving.

The propane stove is supplied by a 5 gallon tank. A full tank can provide cooking heat for over three weeks. I have a 3 gallon spare propane tank on the roof rack that can be quickly piped into the system. The stove heats up the interior of the car within a few minutes and keeps it toasty warm in just about any weather.

I carry a good sleeping bag and a 12V electric blanket that fits inside the bag. This combination can be used to revive someone who has chilled to the point of not being able to maintain body temperature.

Whenever the Green Rover goes out on a trip I make sure that she carries her full set of tools and spares.

For recovery, The Green Rover is fitted with a Vancouver winch with 150 feet of 3/8ths dia. cable. There is a shovel and removable handle pick ax on the front wings and a high lift jack on the rear. I usually carry a heavy duty come-along on the roof rack.

Behind the driver's seat is a 5 foot by 7 foot plastic tarp, gloves, a length of hardened chain with 5000 pound rated hooks, a six inch wide recovery strap, hammer, roll of bailing wire, folding saw and hatchet.

There is a large refillable fire extinguisher that sits behind the centre cubby box easily accessible from both the front or rear of the car. I'm one of those people who believe that the small extinguishers sold for cars do not carry enough extinguisher material to be of much use.

There is a first aid kit in the rear of the car that has been custom assembled to meet my needs.

There is a maglite mounted in brackets at the top centre of the instrument panel and a second one mounted in brackets just above the first aid kit in the rear.

In one of the cabinets I carry spare batteries, light bulbs and waterproof matches.

In the front of the car I keep sun block, a moisturizer and chap stick.

When I'm on trips I carry my personal safety kit with me. This adds an additional half gallon of water, additional first aid kit, water proof matches, protective clothing, alternative methods of creating heat, signaling distress and more.

I believe in taking survival seriously and making sure that others know when I need help.

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