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Detail pictures of The Green Rover

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Internal views

The Green Rover was converted to a Dormobile during the Summer of 1997. I used the wardrobe, kitchen unit and spice rack that came in my Dormobile kit.  In addition I purchased a small sheet metal brake and made a second wardrobe, sink stand and a refrigerator stand.  I spend a lot of time defining work flow for eating. cleaning and sleeping before finalizing the rear interior layout.  This work was rewarded by an interior that fits my needs very well.  The carpet on the floor is indoor/outdoor runner carpet available at my local hardware store by the foot.  So if it gets stained I just swap it out with very little cost.  I can easily go from driving to camp completely set up in 2 minutes or less.   The one disadvantage to the set up is that it is so comfortable and warm inside I'm tempted to stay inside with a good book and hot cuppa tea instead of going out and socializing during the cold evenings.

View from the back entrance 1997 just after completion before the curtains were hung.  With the roof lifted those two roof windows become side windows.

Left side, rear to front:


Dormobile kitchen unit - This unit has a propane cooker with 2 burners, a broiler, a sink and storage area underneath.  I store my dishes, cookware, canned and bottled foods in this storage space


Dormobile Spice rack  (above left side window) - This is a storage shelf that sits above the stove . I usually keep flatware, pot holders, fire lighter, spray cooking oil, a cereals bowl & cup here.  Oh & spices too.


Dormobile top bunk - A side fold out cot mounted at the roof line left side and protected by a white nagahide cover when stowed.  The bunk is 6 feet long.  I have a right side bunk in storage.


Sink stand - This is a custom sink stand that holds a second sink.  The front access door folds up to provide additional work space.  There is a water pump and filter mounted below the sink.  The faucet swings for both sinks and can point out the side window if I need to run water outside the vehicle. I store cleaning supplies, a stove top toaster and ale inside this cabinet.


Left side wardrobe - This is a custom made cabinet modeled after a factory Dormobile cabinet. A 15 gallon stainless steel water tank is fitted below this cabinet.  There is a rough screen filter and 1 way flow valve near the cabinet base.  You can see a porta-potty in its stowed position in the cabinet base. This cabinet hast three shelves plus vertical stowage for a camera tripod and a pick handle. In this cabinet I keep clothing, shoes, books and recovery straps.

Right side, rear to front:


Air pump (not visible, at rear of body) - Quickair2 12 Volt pump provides are to the rear ARB locker and for airing up tyres. There is a gauge & quick release connector easily accessible at the rear.


Folding jump seat & rear battery - This is a standard Series Land Rover folding rear seat. In the side bench area under the seat is a deep cycle 12V battery that powers the rear electrics and the radios.


Refrigerator & stand - This is a Norcold (same as ARB) refrigerator sitting on a stand I fabricated.  The base of the refrigerator stand is storage space with a flip down door.  In here I stow enough engine oil for an oil change, oil filter, fuel filter and a bottle of power steering fluid. The upper sides of the truck slope inwards a little so the fridge needs to be about 2 inches from the body side in order to have open lid clearance. I stow a large griddle between the refrigerator and body.  I also use the refrigerator as a step to reach the top bunk and as a table for eating.


Dormobile wardrobe - I have added a shelf neat the top and a couple racks inside the door.  On the shelf I store things like spare fan belts, a 300 watt DC to AC converter, toilet paper, Kleenex, and towels.  Below in the main area I stow my nut & bolt box, a wine storage container, sleeping bag and inflatable mattress. There is a fold up jump seat built into the bottom of the wardrobe.  There is space for a couple large cereal boxes behind the lowered jump seat.  The inside of the door has a mirror with two racks below.  The racks hold things like deodorant, hand lotion and other toiletries.


Tea cabinet  (across body rear above the rear door) -  Added in 1999.  I got this idea from touring Herbert Zipkin's Land Rover. It is a long cabinet that stretches the entire rear of the vehicle.  Herb used it for map storage, I use the space for tea storage.  I have space for 7 verities of tea back there plus a repair kit.  The kit contains spare bulbs, fuses,  a snap resetting kit and a tarp eye resetting kit. There is also a box of water proof matches.   Yes I drink lot of tea and I like variety.


Here is the kitchen area set up in cooking mode.  The lid is left down on the Dormobile sink  and the second sink door is lifted for counter sapce.With 2 burners and a broiler I can cook some tasty meals!  At the left edge of the picture you can see  stainless steel grab handle I massed to make it easier to enter the vehicle.  The front curtain snaps in just above the windscreen.  The left side curtain  is in its stowed, travel position.  I preferred wood cutting boards  & chose this one because it fits inside a one gallon zip lock bag.


Land Rover Dormobile washing dishes
This is the kitchen area set up in dish washing mode. The lid is lowered over the cooker for counter space.  One sink is soapy water and the other sink is clean rinse water.  The dish rack is from an RV supply store and folds up to about the size of a one inch binder.


Land Rover Drmobile kitshn kit
Over time I've added odd & ends to make my Land Rover Dormobile better fit my needs. Here is what the left cabinet adjacent to the kitchen looks like when my Dormobile is in camp mode. This picture was taken in early 2008.  The Orion emergency signal kit has been part of my emergency gear since 1999.  The Green curtains with white dasies have been there since the conversion but were put away in other pictures.  The green plastic basket stows inside the Dormobile sink along with the cleaning supplies while I'm traveling, so only the white wire shelf remains.  I made the knife rack in 2007 to keep my knives from becoming dull.  The cover for my second sink was found in a camper being parted out in 2007 and was cut down to fit my second sink.  This gives me additional counter space and a place to stow dirty lunh dishes until I get a chance to clean them after I set up camp.



Pre Dormobile pictures  |  Dormobile exterior pictures

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