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Wiring up a 200tdi after transplant into a Series Land Rover

By MWS1967 on the Series II club forum


OK I think I have sorted the engine wiring out including the glow plug timer.

Alternator connections

Assuming you are using the disco alternator.  The terminal B+ can go to the battery positive or to the starter motor (thick brown/red wire) The terminal D+ goes to the dashboard warning light (brown with light yellow stripe on disco wiring). The terminal marked W is for a diesel rev counter.

Starter and charging circuit
Assuming you have the glow plug timer and its associated plug with wires coming out.

First looking at the wiring diagram :

Land Rover 200tdi wiring diagram

1 = battery

4 = 5 pin relay

7 = cold start light

2 = Starter Solenoid

5 = fuel shut off solenoid

8 = no 1 glow plug

3 = Starter

6 = Ignition Switch

9 = Glow plug timer

Ok here we go –
Ensure that the thick red or brown battery live/positive wire is connected to the started motor solenoid and that the starter motor earth wire is connected to the engine block; also ensure that the engine is earthed and that the battery has an adequate earth going to the bodywork. The original ignition switch feed from the battery should also be reinstated – this should hopefully be clear from the wiring diagram.


  1. The white/red wire from the ignition switch which normally goes to the starter solenoid to actuate it to turn the engine over should be connected/spliced to the white/red wire on the glow plug timer wiring. This wire then connects to terminal no 86 on the five pin starter relay. Terminal 86 is the terminal that triggers the starter relay when fed a current.
  2. 2 Connect a wire of appropriate rating from the spade terminal on the starter motor solenoid to terminal no 87 on the starter motor relay. Terminal 87 is the output terminal that outputs a voltage when the relay is triggered.
  3. Connect a wire from terminal no 85 on the starter motor relay to earth.
  4. Connect a wire from the battery positive/live to terminal no 30/51 on the starter motor relay. Terminal 30/51 is the input on the relay and outputs through terminal 87 when terminal 86 is triggered.
  5. The thick yellow/black wire from the glow plug relay goes to no 1 glow plug.
  6. The thick brown wire from the glow plug relay goes to the battery positive feed.
  7. The white wire from the glow plug relay splices in to the white wire from the ignition switch and goes to the cold start warning light and to the fuel shut off solenoid.
  8. The black wire goes to the earth side of the cold start warning light.
  9. The black/yellow wire goes to the earth side of the fuel shut off solenoid



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